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FoW AAR: Overlord – Brit 11th Armoured v. German Grenadiers

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I was lucky enough to play against Hammy last week against his vanilla Grenadier list. Basically a couple of platoons of grens with a couple of ‘schrecks, a pioneer platoon, scout platoon, machine guns, Panzer 4’s, nebelwerfer rocket battery, HMG platoon and a Marder platoon. We wanted to do an Overlord game but ended up on a Winter table. Deciding this was a flooded or marshy area of the Normandy countryside, we set up and cracked on! The going was all over rough making the scout carriers very slow. Damn this flooding…

From my nine platoon list (5 Sherman platoons inc. the 2ic HQ platoon, 3 U-carrier recon, 1 rifle platoon),  my tanks set up slightly weighted to my right flank. The mission was Counterattack with the German infantry defending mainly on a hill to my right flank. My plan was to use scout carriers to remove GTG on the grenadiers and assault and push to the nearest objective. On my left flank I was going to push forward with a diversionary attack between a village and a couple of woods and also use this to cover the German reserve arrival area. The plan seemed simple, but as usual, turning theory into practise isn’t so easy.

Hammy soaked up what little punishment I could muster with me making some poor dice rolls. Marders appeared from Ambush in cover of the hill and let loose. I gradually  broke my tank platoons on the infantry and Marders and left it too late to assault from my left flank. To add insult to injury, the only German reserves were a platoon of Panzer iV’s that first doubled out of LOS of my left hand tank platoons then came through the large wood and just made it into range/LOS and killed one of the platoons. I failed to get near either objective for the loss of barely three or four German teams.

The Marders managed to hold on and play a decisive part in the Allied defeat. My lack of a strong push on the right caused the delay to finish me off. With hindsight, a large push from the centre to the other objective would have been better IMO with hindsight, with just a token force to keep the German infantry on the hill in place. I had no planes or artillery to help. A good learning exercise for me in tank assault. Thanks Hammy!

German victory, 6-1.



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