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FoW AAR: Overlord – Brit 11th Armoured v. German Infantry

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After stepping in at the last minute, Fraser saved the day by providing me with my 4th Overlord campaign game with my new improved D-Day British Armoured Company. This time instead of the usual mix of Tanks and scouts, I dropped the 2ic platoon (lost the HQ supernumerary Sherman tanks) and took a platoon of Heavy mortars instead. So I still had nine platoons.

Fraser had hastily picked up his box of Finns and so we used them as Germans for the purpose of the Overlord game. He had a pure infantry force with, rifle platoons, Pioneers, 2 platoons of PAK40s (!), scouts I think , mortars, heavy artillery and tank buster ‘faust teams. Eight platoons in all plus a Limited Air option.

We rolled the mission “Pincer”. Fraser as defender decided on the table end he wanted to deploy on. He put down the pioneers, a minefield, one PAK40 platoon and a rifle platoon. He spread his ‘schrecks out and kept his other PAK40 platoon in reserve. Everything else went in delayed reserve.

I just put down where I could to avoid the German air support. Damn those Stukas! My aim was to use carriers to try to remove GTG from the AT guns and then push in with tank assaults. The rifle platoon would move on my right flank to deal with the German Pioneers, i hoped.

Unfortunately for me, two turns of trying to remove GTG though some tight line-of-sight situations proved too much. On turn 3 I resolved to try to push in with an assault of the rifles and also to brazen it out with tank fire on the PAKs. Line of sight messed this up as I bunched up in the left of centre in the centre. My Mortars had no real effect and the PAK’s were elusive. In return, the PAKs  held on to their GTG and finally ambushed from the centre. By this time, Germans had got all their reserves and were using artillery on me. Add to that I left a platoon of tanks in the open for the Air to get and the Brits were starting to lose tanks.

After 11 turns, finally the 1ic and 2ic were both caught by PAKs and the game was over with no more tanks left and 5 platoons destroyed. The only luck being the Sherman’s amazing survival v one of the PAK platoons and then taking out the ambushing PAK’s!

5-2 to the Germans.

A difficult table to negotiate, with hedges, walls, building and woods really giving the Germans an advantage in defense. It felt as if the Brits just couldn’t do anything. Some poor German dice rolls didn’t really matter as the Brit force managed to break itself on the terrain and with a lack of punchy plan…


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