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AAR: Overlord – Final Assault – Allied Armour v. German Infantry

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In a last attempt to defend the roads to Cherbourg, a small German force has set up AT and infantry guns behind a small river crossing. The Allies are coming down the road looking to take the ground on the other side of the bridge and fords. The Germans have orders to delay the Allies for as long as they can.A special scenario was set up. Each side had 4 platoons and 7 turns. If the Allies could not control one of the two objectives by the start of their turn 7 the Axis would win.

The Allies had a HQ with two Shermans, 2 combat platoons each with 4 shermans (one a firefly), a rifle platoon and a universal carrier recon platoon.

The Axis had two stands in the HQ with attached out Panzerschrecks (3 were allowed), 2 combat platoons of rifle/MG’s, an AT gun platoons of 3 PAK40’s and an infantry gun platoon of 2 lelg18’s.

The Allies got first turn and pushed forward, the 1ic and one tank platoon on the left flank, the rifles across the corn in the middle and the 2ic and the other platoon on the right. The scout carriers pushed ahead up the road toward the bridge to get a closer view of the PAK40s in the area beyond and to the right. The Axis responded by firing the PAKs at the right side shermans and killed one.

As the US moved up, the infantry guns on the left opened up on the left side shermans but failed to kill any tanks. The Rifle pushed ahead toward the little river. They were lucky not to take any damage when moving despite light MG fire their way.

The Scout carriers did not need to use eyes and ears as the PAKs had already blown their gone to ground the previous turn. The right side shermans got lucky and killed one dug in PAK. Now there were two… The Infantry guns took out one of the scout carriers as an easy option.

The PAKs that were left then got very lucky and fired on the damaged sherman platoon on the right. They hit three times and scored three kills. Scratch one Allied platoon.

The Scout and the 2ic thought better of the situation and moved back.

Meanwhile. The infantry guns became the target of all 5 tanks on the left side. The shermans made six hits on the little guns and both were destroyed. Their officer thought better of it and ran off. One to the Allies.

The Allies tried three times to assault with the Rifle platoon and were beaten down to three stands which failed to crack in the presence of their commander. On the third attempt, the shermans joined in the assault and the tide turned. The allies killed two teams of German infantry on the way in and the return fire failed to kill anything. The combat swung a couple of ways but then the Axis lost and fell back. The Panzerschrecks did well to kill all but the 1ic and another platoon was lost. The Allies 1ic pushed onto the objective then consolidated away from the gap where the PAK40s could see.

The last rifle stand had finally broken so it was down to the Allied 1ic in his sherman to survive to claim an objective. The Germans could only get a single shot from a PAK40 and that was partially obscured. They whiffed. The nearby Panzerschreck team had moved out of the cover of the rocky hedge and had a single shot. It hit, but the Sherman had one of those days. All it had to do to survive was roll a 6. It did. If it had been killed the game would have been over. If it had been bailed then next turn the ‘schreck would have two shots and the PAK as well. As it was, the 1ic survived and so claimed an uncontested objective.

Allied victory, 4 – 3.

Overlord had been a struggle for the Tanks, with so much stopping power from the German defenders. As it was, the way to Cherbourg was a little clearer, victory a little closer….



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