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150 / 30000 !

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What’s all that about in the title you ask? Well I just checked and I have now published 150 items on this blog since the start and have just had 30,000 site hits. I am amazed. Just wanted to say thanks to all those who follow Flames and Saga and my attempts to try to win these (and 40K and WFB). I really am enjoying modelling, painting and getting in games. with some great folks.

My secret to doin’ better is of course practice. I think my painting is coming on little bit by little bit. The thing that really help me though was getting rid of a whole lot of things I knew I wouldn’t get to paint or play. I have now almost finished all my Flames of War figures and have completed three Saga armies. With three more Saga factions to do and some odds and bits of project, I can see the wood for the trees.

My advice, clear out your clutter and be realistic in what you can achieve. I like to mix up the projects. A bit of Saga and Flames on the go then something completely left field (recently that was a unit of Tau Fire Warriors built and base coated for my youngest son!)

Good luck and thanks again. Keep on gaming!



  1. The Kiwi says:

    Keep up the blog posts. I agree…clutter = mind clutter. Variety really helps mix it up as well.

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