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Saga: Some new “baggage” items for Saga….

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One of my Saga related projects is to paint up some different kinds of baggage for the game.

Saga allows you to have three bases that you can escort in a mission called “The Escort” (strangely enough!) These bases are some kind of valuables. Putting my thinking hat on and shopping around on the net, I found some various items.

Monks (off on a pilgrimage).,,, some Pilgrims (another pilgrimage), some angry Pilgrims (attacked making a pilgrimage),,,,  also Cattle and hens and herders; goods for Carts; slaves and slavers. All i need now is a war chest for the carts and I am sorted!

The bottom line in Saga is that the baggage can fight back! It doesn’t just sit there and wait to be captured or killed. It has Attacks and an Armour rating and is activated as if it were Hearthguard. Wow! Recently, I embarrassingly had a unit of four Viking hearthguard who were forced to disengage after failing to damage a Byzantine baggage cart.  Those ladies on the back sure fought hard!

The figures came from Gripping Beast, Perry Miniatures and Redoubt Enterprises. I am sure I will use some of the other suppliers in future….

Here are a few pictures until I can do a review on the

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