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Saga: How to Defeat the Pagan Rus

Another tactics discussion on the site – this time some thoughts on how various factions in the Saga wargame can cope with the nightmare that are the Pagan Rus (if a force that can slow down play can be described as a nightmare!)



Morale in Saga

Here is a link to an article I posted on the about the way Morale is handled in the Saga wargame, or not, depending on your POV.


Saga: looking at the Scot Spearmen!

A look at the role of the spearmen in the Saga Scots faction. They are pretty good in combat. on their battleboard.  Just don’t fall foul of the Irish battleboard ability that cancels step 3 of the melee!


Box Opening: Fireforge Deus Vult Foot Sergeants

I just received a box of Fireforge infantry aimed at the “Deus Vult” wargame. They are 28mm scale plastic “foot sloggers” in various light armour and headgear made by Renedra in the UK.  They come 48 to a box (6 sprues of 8) with plenty of shields, spears, hand weapons and crossbows.

I am looking to use some of them for “Saga” e.g. padded armour and Norman style helmets for crossbow Warriors. The box RRP’s in the UK at £28 – more expensive than other companies, but with more figures. You can shop around and save a few pennies on eBay.

Here are a few pictures from the sprue. The castings are nice and clean and should come off the sprue without too many problems with clippers and a sharp craft knife.

The box contains bases for 60 figures, being made up of 12 lots of 20mm x 20mm bases and 8 lots of 60mm x 40mm  – aimed at making up units, not at skirmishers. For “Saga” you need other bases or be willing to cut these into 20mm x 20mm sections with a metal ruler and a craft knife.

All in all a good set of figures suitable for a variety of games i feel. You can always use them in Warhammer Fantasy battle for human armies.


Saga: Build budget armies for 2 to 4 players.

Here’s a link to my article on the site which gives you the ideal way into Saga or to new Saga factions if metals model are too expensive.