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Saga on a Budget – Welsh & Strathclyde Factions

The last of my looks at budget forces for the Saga wargame on the website.


A Wargames Factory Ancient German Cavalryman but with a round shield!


Saga: Viking based plastic armies and FAQ changes

Here are a couple of recent articles I posted on the website.

Firstly, another in the “Saga on a budget” series around “Viking dice” based factions.

The second is a look at the recent clarifications to the rules in the official Saga FAQ.


WFB: 1500 point High Elves army – in action!

I got the 1500 points of High Elves completed for the Siege at Warhammer World so I thought I would share a few of the pictures.

I won’t say anything about the battle as my opponent, Dean, will be writing up the game Battle report in due course on his blog.

Suffice it to say Dean did us proud with his work on two of the old Warhammer polystyrene Castle kits. These wore laid out on one of the tables (  WW now has their plastic game boards on all the tables along with the scenery kits they sell). I wouldn’t like the job of painting 300+ 2 x 2 tiles and grassing them, though they do look great!

Here are a few teasers from the day at WW….

WFB: 1500 point High Elves army in 8 days – part 5

I got to finish off the shading and basing in the 8 days ready for the game. The basing was just static grass, nothing fancy and aided by one of my kids to speed things up. I had some fun with the shading. My tin of dip had gone off (the last half-inch was a dark goo that was unusable. I used some sepia wash instead, then had to repaint the areas of white that were left with pooled wash. I repeated the wash but more carefully then tidied up the last few blemishes. At that point I had to call a halt. Some 28 hours in the end to get 84 models done ( a couple more than i needed to use on that day).

Here are some pictures…..

WFB: 1500 point High Elves army in 8 days – part 4

I managed to get them all painted up to a basic standard in another 4 hours so still on target (6 days for modelling and painting).

WFB: 1500 point High Elves army in 8 days – part 3

Three more hours. Bases painted on all models. Sandy hair on many of the models.  Tidied up the white a little on the cavalry too.  Drybrushed lighter grey then white onto horse-flesh.  Electric Blue on General (Eagle rider) and cavalry.

Next will be the tidy up on the infantry, finish the two characters and armour on the cavalry. About three more hours. After that it will be ink/dip then basing. Should be finished by Friday Evening ready for the game on Saturday.

Picture gallery for today….

WFB: 1500 point High Elves army in 8 days – part 2

Here is the next batch of two evenings worth of progress. Silver armour, pink faces, brown boots and some bases painted mid-grey.