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WFB: 1500 point High Elves army in 8 days – part 1

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After hastily arranging a date for the next battle between myself and my good friend Dean, I had just eight days to prepare for a Siege!

I had some undercoated High Elf troops and some yet to be built.

These included:

1 Hero on Eagle (and I only have the plastic Lord on Griffon model)

1 Mage (to be built, plastic)

40 Archers (all plastic)

16 “to be” Shadow Warriors (plastic)

17  Spearmen (plastic – to be rebuilt)

8 Cavalry (plastic, to be re-built and used as Dragon Princes)

No small task, but i like a challenge.

KISS would be the order of the day – Keep it Simple, Stupid.

1) Build on day1/2, start painting. Stick to a basic colour palette of White / Blue / Silver

2) Day 3-6 – painting.

3) Day 7 – seal (varnish or dip)

4) Day 8 – basing – (simple – stone and grass)

5) play a game!

Here are the pics after one/two evenings….

and at the end of two evenings…

I will add more posts over the next few days….


  1. Good luck! I really enjoyed making a High Elf army, but it took me a lot longer than 8 days…
    …looking forward to seeing how you get on so thanks in advance for posting updates!

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Wow, only eight days to paint that lot will certainly be a challenge. I’m looking forward to vicariously enjoying your progress.

    • Really having to cut it down to a bare 26 hours of mainly evenings. Just seeing what i can get done. As it stands, should be finished to a basic tabletop standard by the end of Friday ready for the game at Warhammer World on Saturday!

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