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Saga Mini Tournament at Pick&Mix 2013

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At the weekend I had a mini tournament arranged as part of the Pick & Mix event organised by James “Hammy” Hamilton at the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport (the new home of the Element Games store!)

As it turned out, a number of players couldn’t make, so amidst the hordes of players for FoG and Flames of War,  we ended up with a four-way contest with three reasonably experienced players and one new guy. The factions used were: Anglo-Danes, Normans, Anglo-Saxons and Jomsvikings.

Having tried my best to bring scenery, rules, handouts, extra armies, the one thing I forgot…. my decent camera! I ended up with my crappy Nokia phone cam again. So, no decent photo’s.

Suffice it to say, the final rankings after three games (including Clash of Warlords, Battle at the Ford, Sacred Ground and A Feast for Crows) were as follows:

1st: Jomsvikings (3 wins)

2nd: Normans (2 wins)

3rd: Anglo-Saxons (on VP’s)

4th: Anglo-Danes

It has to be said, the Jomsvikings really owned the filed of battle. I had never fought against them. They beat the Anglo-Saxons at “Battle for the Ford”. The “Jomsborg!” ability to push the enemy back was very useful here. I found that out later with my Danes in “Sacred Ground” when I was pushed back off a central Hill and a field. After that in a multi-player battle, we decided not to let the Jomsvikings have any Wrath, or at least until later in the game. I got the brunt of the losses as I had only Hearthguard. In order to tackle the Jomsviking ability “Northern Tempest” I lost two lots of three hearthguard rather than let the “wrath level” build up.

The secret to beating them Jomsvikings seem to be to take the hits on the cheek and get in there. Even a Wrath level of 2 is enough to punish an opponent in a smaller way such as a push back from an objective

As it happened, the Jomsvikings got a bit of an edge in the Feast scenario and got the most VP’s. Well done to Jimmy and his angry boys! And thanks to those who took part. The brave few…




  1. Mousaka says:

    Sounds very exciting, and out of interest can you say what the army lists were, or maybe just themes of each?

    • The Anglo-Saxons were a mass of Warriors with 8 hearthguard in there i think, the Jomsvikings were a mix of Hearthguard and Warriors probably 50/50, so no actual list there as it wasn’t a formal tournie at this point and I didn’t ask for lists. The Danes (mine) were all hearthguard (4 with Dane Axe). The Normans were 12 Knights, 12 levy bow, 8 crossbow, 8 spearmen.

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