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Update on building and modelling: Saga Baggage

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I just wanted to add some pictures of a start on the baggage items for Saga. Eventually there will be some posts on the site. For now, I will leave you with the progress from earlier last week. I also made a small bucket load of scenery, about 20 pieces including rough ground, hills and uneven terrain, starting with some board cut from hard board sheets. I edged the sawn wood with a resinous filler (cartridge gun glue form a DIY store).

I decided to use 5x10cm mdf bases for larger pieces of baggage and 4x6cm pieces of plastic bases for the others.

Using my imagination from the purchases I made a few months back, nine bases came out of the “furnace”.  Add to that the three Carts I already have, and there’s enough for four games of “The Escort” mission at the same time(!)

Monks, Pilgrims, more Monks, Armed Pilgrims (slings), chickens, Highland cattle, sheep, slavers and merchants with ponies…



  1. The Kiwi says:

    An awesome load of baggage. Excellent collection of figures.

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