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Saga AAR – 4 pts Normans v Welsh – Clash of Warlords

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Here’s a quick AAR for Christmas! It’s from a couple of days ago. We went for 4 points Welsh versus Normans and chose the clash of Warlords mission. Terrain was our own choosing. My opponent is learning the game. The Welsh troops are still not fully painted but they needed an outing…


Warlord, 3 x Knights, 1 x crossbow (arranged into 2 blocks of 6 Knights) – 5 Saga dice per turn.


Warlord, 3 x Warriors, 1 x hearthguard (6 Saga dice per turn).

I won first turn with the Welsh and my opponent got to roll 3 Saga dice as per the optional rule in ‘The Ravens shadow”.


Saga AAR(0)

Welsh across the width of the table but with Warlord and hearthguard to their left flank, opposite the strength of the Norman Knights and Warlord. The pesky x-bows were going to sit and shoot, so they would have to be a Welsh target…

Saga AAR (1)

Saga AAR (2)

Turn 1:

The Welsh move on the right flank – 2 moves toward the Norman x-bows…. but can’t make 6 inches from the nearest Norman. They have 1 Fatigue.

Saga AAR (4)

Th Welsh Hearthguard push forward but keep more than L (12 inches) away from the Normans. There is a field of wheat between them and the nearest Norman Knights.

The Normans respond with all their Saga dice in shooting. The X-bows activate and kill 3 Welsh Warriors.

Saga AAR (3)

Turn 2:

Saga AAR (5)

The Welsh get lucky and roll their 6 Saga dice and get 3 “rare” Dragons. They push forward on the right into the uneven ground near the crossbows and unleash javelins on the crossbows, killing 1.

The Welsh use their excellent Saga dice “Answering the Call”  to make a second Fatigue free move on the left flank. All units get to make two movements this turn as the Warlord used his “Determination” to get himself into a good position centrally and “We Obey” to get one more close unit moved up . The Hearthguard end up in the wheat field.

The Normans only get so-so Saga dice and decide to shoot their x-bows again. They kill only 1 more Welsh Warrior in the uneven ground.

Turn 3:

Saga AAR (11)

The Welsh try shooting at the crossbows and kill 3. (In their turn, the x-bows fail to kill any Welsh).

The Welsh “go for it” a bit and the hearthguard move to javelin range of the right most Knight unit. They kill one Knight. They are just out of S of the same Knights so can’t be charged as they are in uneven ground. The Welsh Warlord pushes on into the wheat field, feeling safe from this uneven ground. He picks up a Fatigue for his trouble. Fateful, very fateful. He rudely grabs his crotch and invites the Norman Warlord to attack.

In their turn, the other Norman Knight unit (6 models) use their “Gallop” ability to get to the advancing Welsh Warriors. They have a die on “Charge!” and two rare (“Flag” ) dice on their Attack Pool for a total of 19 Attack dice. At this point, they get 11 hits on the 8 Welsh warriors. The Welsh only make 2 Saves and the unit is destroyed.

At this point, looking grim, The Welsh Warlord is close enough to the destroyed Warriors to get a Fatigue to add to the one he already has for pushing into the wheat field. Bad move, chuck.

The Normans take advantage of the situation. The Norman Lord does not take well the insult from his Welsh nemesis in the wheat field.  Realising his Knights next to the field are just (I mean JUST) within S (4 inches) of the Warlord, they “We Obey” their Warlord’s call and charge the impudent Welsh chieftain. With 12 Attack dice and no bodyguard, the cheeky Welshman goes down to hooves and swords. So ends the Clash of Warlords with a Norman victory.

Saga AAR (9)

Saga AAR (10)

It was a bit of luck on the Normans side as the victorious slaying Knights ended up within S of the Welsh Warlord. It wasn’t looking great for the Welsh anyway as they were losing on Victory Points after the massacre of a whole unit of Warriors in one melee. Norman Knights can really lay down the smack with Attack dice when needed. The Normans made use of their good Saga dice in Turn 3 to get 7 extra dice and take out one enemy unit. Once again, Norman shooting did not really do very much and took up a lot of the dice to do it. IMO, Normans are best at using their cavalry abilities. I will have to try 5 points of Norman Knights along with a unit of levy bow for the occasion where you need to defend a river crossing or hill, or face Jomsvikings and need to lose cheap troops!


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