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Saga: Carolingian Model Review & Sword for Hire Egil Skalagrimsson

Here are two recent articles I posted up on the site.

The first here is a review of some of Gripping Beasts Carolingian 28mm metal figures.

The second here is a quick look at Sword for Hire Egil Skalagrimsson.


Somua over the Rainbow…. tanks a million!

I received a great birthday gift of 8 Forged in Battle Somua S-35 tanks for a new Flames of War Early War army – the Escadron de Combat.

This is for an upcoming escalation league to ease players into Early War. I haven’t played ‘Flames’ for almost 6 months and feel better for the break from that game.

I can now make a 750 point force for the first part of this new league. You can use to build Flames of War armies for very little money per book. Some lists are free!

1 x HQ Somua – 105 points

1 x Combat platoon of medium tanks – 3 Somua’s – 310 points

1 x Combat platoon of medium tanks – 3 Somua’s – 310 points

1 x Sporadic Air Interception – 25 points

Here are some images from the contents of the two boxes I received. They should be straightforward to build and hopefully to paint!

Box Opening: Dropzone Commander Starter Set

I recently got a good deal on a box of Hawk Wargame’s Dropzone Commander 2-player Starter Set.

I am still on the fence about this game. I saw the rules over a year ago and was not much interested. I do like the models however! Whether I keep the game or sell off the components, here is a quick overview of the contents and some pictures of the contents.

The box is reasonably hefty and of a sturdy card stock. It has a built-in lid that folds open rather than a separate lid. The box is glossy and attractive and certainly sets the tone for the quality of the contents.

Those are three sprues each of human and alien plastic 10mm scale models. Bases for the infantry and clear plastic stands for the flying vehicles. An A4 rulebook (had expected A5, so that was a surprise). A poster mapboard of an urban area – this is shrunk wrapped with the rulebook. Ten regular dice. A small tape measure on a key fob. Ten card easy-fold buildings.

Overall, this is a quality release that looks enticing to the buyer. Still not sure what to do with it though 🙂

Pictures – take a look at the contents, they speak louder than words. The plastic sprues look clean and detailed!

Macbeth Scots Saga faction – progress

I wanted to give an update on Saga modelling from myself. After a lot of yes/no thinking I decided to build a six point Saga faction with the upgraded Hero, Macbeth (see some details here).

There is one armoured General (Macbeth) you can see him in the front rank, second from the right. He is made from a Gripping Beast plastic Anglo-Saxon.

There are 32 unarmoured spearmen made from Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Warriors, the spears are either fairly upright or facing to the enemy.

Finally, eight Conquest plastic Norman Knights. These are acting under Macbeth’s Norman Exiles rule.

The points for Saga are: 1 point for Macbeth, 3 points for 24 Spearmen, 2 points for 8 Norman Exiles (upgraded Hearthguard cavalry). There are 8 spare spearmen for when Heroes are not allowed!

Saga Scots Macbeth (2) Saga Scots Macbeth (3) Saga Scots Macbeth (5) Saga Scots Macbeth (6) Saga Scots Macbeth (7) Saga Scots Macbeth (8) Saga Scots Macbeth (9) Saga Scots Macbeth(1)

Comparison of scales of Plastic miniatures

I took a few pictures of my “Dark Age” plastics against each other to check for scaling between models and parts. Here’s what I came up with…

compare (5)

Above: left to right: Conquest Norman Knight with spear; Gripping Beast Saxon Thegn; Gripping Beast Dark Age Warrior; Agema Velite with pelt and javelin; Fireforge Steppe Warrior and Wargames Factory Ancient German cavalry.

 compare (4)

compare (3)

Conversions using Fireforge Steppe miniatures

Here are a few of the models built from the FF Steppe Warriors kit I reviewed a week ago. They were pretty straightforward to build. There’s certainly some potential for conversions using parts from this kit! I added some of the spare parts to a Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Warrior and a Wargames Factory cavalry figure.

steppe conversions (1)

Above: On the left, a Wargames Factory Ancient German Cavalryman with the head, helmet and arms from the Fireforge Steppe Warriors sprue. In the Centre, a Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Warrior body with the head/helmet combo and arms/shield/sword from the Fireforge Steppe Warriors sprue. Right, a straight up Steppe Warrior with all pieces from the Fireforge Steppe Warriors sprue.

Below: closer shots of the above figures…

steppe conversions (2)

steppe conversions

What do you think? Plenty of conversion potential here? If you want to use up all the spares in a box of Steppe Warriors then there are enough pieces to add up to 24 more of your own converted warriors (based on the number of bows in the pack).  See the previous post in the link above for more details of what you get on the Fireforge Steppe Warriors sprues.

Saga: Owen and The Alternative Strathclyde Faction

Another idea for a cheaper and fun version of the Saga Strathclyde Welsh faction… see the link to my article on http://www.sagatapestry.comhere.

Strathclyde Warriors