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Comparison of scales of Plastic miniatures

The Old Giant

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I took a few pictures of my “Dark Age” plastics against each other to check for scaling between models and parts. Here’s what I came up with…

compare (5)

Above: left to right: Conquest Norman Knight with spear; Gripping Beast Saxon Thegn; Gripping Beast Dark Age Warrior; Agema Velite with pelt and javelin; Fireforge Steppe Warrior and Wargames Factory Ancient German cavalry.

 compare (4)

compare (3)


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  1. erikblakeley says:

    I don’t understand the degree to which people worry about the comparative heights of figures. Don’t they ever look at people in the street? Human adult males that could conceivably be in a fight vary from 5 feet tall or less to 7 feet tall and from 9 stone to 20 stone in weight. What matters more is the different sculpts of standardized weaponry – different makers produce SMLEs that look very different for example. In dark age or ancient gaming the more we get away from 5 foot 9 inch tall clones carrying identical swords the better. I love mixing manufacturers it makes the painting much more interesting.

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