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Box Opening: Dropzone Commander Starter Set

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I recently got a good deal on a box of Hawk Wargame’s Dropzone Commander 2-player Starter Set.

I am still on the fence about this game. I saw the rules over a year ago and was not much interested. I do like the models however! Whether I keep the game or sell off the components, here is a quick overview of the contents and some pictures of the contents.

The box is reasonably hefty and of a sturdy card stock. It has a built-in lid that folds open rather than a separate lid. The box is glossy and attractive and certainly sets the tone for the quality of the contents.

Those are three sprues each of human and alien plastic 10mm scale models. Bases for the infantry and clear plastic stands for the flying vehicles. An A4 rulebook (had expected A5, so that was a surprise). A poster mapboard of an urban area – this is shrunk wrapped with the rulebook. Ten regular dice. A small tape measure on a key fob. Ten card easy-fold buildings.

Overall, this is a quality release that looks enticing to the buyer. Still not sure what to do with it though 🙂

Pictures – take a look at the contents, they speak louder than words. The plastic sprues look clean and detailed!

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