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Updates and Mistakes! Flames and modelling materials

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I recently purchased some replacement modelling items. I got some Revell Plasto for those times when you have a gap to fill and green stuff is too solid. Plasto just eases across and into the cracks and dries in a couple of hours.

The other items I had looked at before Christmas, saved them in an eBay watch list and finally thought go for it. What a mistake. One was a bit of a mis-description. I wanted to finish off my late war British infantry with a HQ (as I had scraped up enough for two platoons of Rifle infantry and thought it would add a bit of flexibility. The title of the item had the product code number for some Flames of War Brit infantry HQ, but the description and image were of the Late War pack. The product code number was the one I was sent so the title of the item was correct (minus the B.E.F text that is on the blister), but was of the Early War HQ. So I found myself with one less command team than  I had wanted and lots of early war helmets.  Annoying, I should have double checked the item number on Battlefront’s website as I usually do. I guess I had saved it weeks ago and forgotten to remove it from eBay as the wrong HQ. Equally, the description and image were incorrect and misleading. A bit of filler later on the helmets (and less figures on the mortars than the standard three) and I had a ‘passable’ late war HQ with two mortar teams. A bit more work on those helmets and some foliage on the completed bases and letshope no one looks too closely!

The other item was sheer carelessness. A new can of Army Painter ‘Dip’ turned up. Dark tone. I needed Strong tone. Aaarggh. I checked my order and yes, I misread it and got the wrong one. I had saved the item in eBay, left it weeks, then gone and picked it without double checking the details. So now I have a can of darker than needed dip. Oh well.

Sometimes you just get it wrong and have to make do. I guess this is one of them. At least the can of dip will now be used on some armoured models that otherwise may have been hand washed and varnished!


Brit Inf HQ

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