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Flames of War – New German models

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I am hoping to meet up with Fraser at the NWGC, Stockport at the end of this week for a 1500 point LW FoW game.

I have two possible lists to try, both needed some extra models. First were the two Battlefront Stug III D models I had kicking around. They can only be used in two lists, one of which was the one used by Matt last time I played, the LW 6. Fallschirmjagerkompanie. The Stugs only cost 90 points for two of the little things, Confident Trained style. Their stats are not good (AT9 gun!) and they are pretty obsolete by Late War, but its tracks on the ground and making up numbers of platoons to get the best on the table I can where Reserves are used (most games!) In the list from the game I played v. Matt, these are an alternative to taking the four Jagdpanzer IV assault guns.

For that list I also need a Penal platoon of Rifles. I sifted through my bitz box and found just enough spare metal GB Germans to build a command team and 6 Rifle teams. All it cost me were the bases.

For the other list (Panzergrens) I needed a couple of mobile AA trucks and a Tiger tank. I just needed to get those finished (they were part painted).

Here’s what I had after a bit of gluing and undercoating…

Should be finished in another day.


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