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Flames of War – New German models – complete

The Old Giant

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Here’s the German infantry with static grass basing. It’s not very exciting but matches what I have already. The ‘grass’ is Javis JHG1 Spring Mix and was applied with PVA glue (neat).

See the picture of the tray for some of the rest of my Herman Gorring Italy based German’s.

It’s amazing how much you see when the figure is done. Some mould lines are still visible despite an inspection before gluing them to their bases. Must be getting Old Giant eyes!   If you spot “rogue models” it’s because (as per the first part of this little painting series) they are leftover models from various kits. I really don’t mind as they are supposed to be a Penal Platoon. Having two officers reminds me of the Commissar situation. That pistol in the air looks quite daunting on the command stand! You will also spot a guy with land mines and even a flame thrower hidden away. Who knows what dirty jobs these “riflemen” will get!

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