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10mm DBA2.2 – Alan Army – bought and based

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While tidying up boxes of stuff recently I came across my 10mm figures for DBA. I had started to post about them way back in the Summer of 2012 (see this link) then found “Saga” and the rest is history.

One DBA army I have wanted to do in 10mm are the Alan’s. They are the (only?) force in the DBA rules v2.2 that can field 12 elements of Light Horse (should you ever want to). I have bought 10mm  minis from Pendraken, Irregular and Magistermilitum. I still have some Pendraken and a few Irregular minis to use, so I went back to Pendraken’s website and bought a couple of Dacian General figures and a couple of Dacian cavalry (Light and Knights).

There were enough figures in the cavalry packs, plus the commanders to give the following DBA elements (with a few spare Knights that can’t be used in this list) : 1 x command Light Horse, 7 x Light Horse, 1 x command Knights, 3 x Knights.

I also added in two bases of “blades” by using some recycled gallic or celt warriors and a base of Psiloi archers. These figures are not really “Dacian” but there is no way I am going to buy a couple more packs to get eight blade figures and two Psiloi figures (!)

This gives me the ability to field a range of options such as 4 Knights (inc. command), 7 Light Horse and one Blade or Psiloi (camp guards maybe).

The bases were old Irregular metal bases I have had since 2006 when I paid a visit to the old Irregular workshop in York. I used superglue to fix the figures on after cleaning up the figures and scuffing the bases with a sharp blade. Once dry, I used a resinous cartridge glue (“hard as nails” type in the UK) to texture the bases around the figures. This dries in about 2 hours or so.

The cost of these two packs and two commanders (and postage) means this little DBA army came to about 15 pounds with the extra figures and bases.

I got the figures up to “undercoated stage”….


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