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FoW: Box Opening of PSC 15mm plastic Stuart tank kit

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I recently picked up a box of five Plastic Soldier Company Stuart M5A1 tanks to round out my Flames of War US troops.

The bottom line is they appear to be a good model and easy to build. Each sprue can build an early, mid or late version of the tank. The good news is that there are two sets of tracks and three chassis. You could almost build two tanks. I decided to make a second turretless version of the late-model to use up the parts (I used the third chassis and a craft knife to fill in the gaps at the front and back of the chassis!) Just add a bottle of plastic glue and some paint and you have a good value for money set of tanks. There is also a hedgecutter on each sprue for Normandy based tanks.

The turret is held in place by turning it 90 degrees after inserting it into the chassis. No magnets required!

I have to give this kit a thumbs up, with the only problem I can see being the barrel of the machine gun being a bit flimsy (see the pictures of the constructed early variant – there is no protection for the MG as it sticks out of the side of the turret. If you have spare metal ones try using those with some superglue).

Here are the pictures…



  1. I think the Stuarts are my favorite PSc kit so far.I am using mine for my Guards armor.

  2. 40kterminatus says:

    Next on my list after Cromwells.

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