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Flames of War: Early War French – Artillery platoon build

The Battlefront Heavy artillery platoon box doesn’t include the Canon de 105 court modèle 1935 B option. One option was for me to try to get guns from elsewhere. The other option was to convert what I had to look like the correct gun.

There is a link to wikipedia with an image of the gun in a museum. Other images helped as well.

I didn’t go to the trouble of getting the top of the gun shield quite right as it would be fiddly to get the cuts on the metal quite right.

Basically, I cut the end off the 155m barrel, cut pieces off the sides of the gun shield and took the spoked wheels out of the pack and added some filler to the back, then angled the wheels outward.

The finished look is similar to the gun i needed for my army so I will build on that. The painting should help to set the teams off.



Salute 2014 – interesting Vietnam table and scenario

One of the tables that really made me stop and talk to the creators was this great Vietnam era display.

A game was being played during the day on what turned out to be very flexible terrain and some interesting models. Thanks to the Whitehall Warlords for this table and the help on the day. Their game was called “Iron Butterflies in the Killer Jungle” a 15mm scale piece that encompassed “a US Riverine, heli-borne and armoured encirclement of  a North Vietnamese bunker complex”.

The models included some Battlefront and I think Peter Pig (after 6 hours on the day i can’t recall every detail of all the conversations i had). I liked the M113s in the corner of the table – three varieties including the newer plastic Battlefront ones.

I had already taken the plunge into Flames of War Vietnam recently by taking advantage of the 40% off sale by Battlefront.

Looking at this table, the “frond-tastic” undergrowth (modelled with a variety of architectural grasses and aquarium plants to be as realistic as possible) and the boat landing that follows real world tactics have really inspired me to get into the game. Big thanks to (Andrew, I think it was) for his time and thoughts and detailed research. Well done “WW”.



Salute 2014 – fantastic D-Day Beach Landing table

The theme of this years Salute was D-Day (no surprise given the 70th Anniversary year!)

There was one table that really blew me away. A huge D-Day beach landing set around Sword Beach and the Marville Battery Assault! I was not the only one with camera in hand wandering around looking at all the details. A real shock and awe piece’. One of the highlights of my day.

This was presented by the Honnington Wargame Group in 20mm scale.


Picture dump from Salute 2014

Here’s a place for all those pictures I took that don’t neatly fit into other categories but are nevertheless of interest to me and maybe someone else. A lot of effort went into this day from groups all over the place. Well done guys!

I would like to say a big thanks to the good eggs at Gripping Beast and Jasper at WSS Magazine for their support of the WWPD4Vets day. We raised over 270 pounds for Help4Heroes (with Gift Aid), so many thanks all round.

As you can see from the first pictures, the entrance to the Excel Centre was busy and the queue to get into Salute, though long, was handled very efficiently. I was in no more than 10 minutes of being guided to the end of the queue!

The cost of entry was £11 – not cheap for a wargame show, but given the fact you have all the traders you can think of at your fingertips and all the effort put in by the Games Clubs and the South London Warlords themselves you can’t really complain too much. I saved 11 pounds on postage and on “show specials” such as the WSS magazine subscription!

Here’s the piccies…



Flames of War: EW French from Peter Pig

My Peter Pig components arrived in the Easter break for my Early War French tank company.

The service was pretty fast and after opening them, the assembly seemed quick and easy. You get 8 infantry in each pack, I chose 2 packs of LMGs, 2 of Rifles, 1 VB launchers, 1 command, 2 Hotchkiss H39, 1 Somua S35.

The bases of the infantry are a lot smaller than the Battlefront ones which is useful but requires more effort to keep them in position while they fasten to their bases.

The detail on the infantry is great. The Somua tank maybe not 100% as detailed as the Battlefront one, but pretty good nonetheless, and cheaper. Stupidly while cleaning the parts of any release agents / grease I lost the small exhaust for the Somua. Take care when cleaning and drying!

The models are ALL metal and therefore the tanks are heavier than the Resin/Metal combos from Battlefront.

All in all I am quite impressed with the models and wish PP did more French!


S1040001 S1040003 S1040004

Saga: LBMS Shield Decals

I recently checked out some Shield decals from LBMS. If you didn’t see this article on the then you can find it here…



WWPD4Vets 2014 – Raising cash for Help for Heroes at Salute2014

Hey there – it’s a busy time at Old Giant HQ..

WWPd4Vets is the second year of 24 hour worldwide gaming and gameyness to help raise money for Veterans Charities. The events are tweeted and some are live video streamed!

In the UK our chosen charity is Help for Heroes…

Please help if you can. Here is my forum post contents on

“Just so as not to be left out please give generously from now and as long as you want on my Help for Heroes web page.

Please use the link above so we can count all the donations toward WWPD4Vets.

I will be tweeting #WWPD4Vets on Saturday 12th April from SALUTE 2014 in London’s Docklands!!! You can follow all the 24 hours worldwide action from there.

Follow us on Twitter: Look for #WWPD4Vets updates on Twitter! We are @WWPDPodcast

As i am busy going round the show and meeting people and recording events I am going to be pressed for time for raising money… so ….

As an extra incentive I am offering the following to all UK-based contributors…. (and remember to use Gift Aid in the UK to give the tax to H4H !!)

Just donate as much as you can give to the charity donations page for H4H and use the comments box to add you WWPD Forum name and a preference of one of the following items. remember the page for donations to count is:

So just donate and add (for example) the support message/comment “ambler Saga” if your WWPD forum name is ‘ambler’ and you would prefer the Saga prize.

I can’t guarantee that you will get exactly what you want but it helps.

Who wins these great prizes? For the first three people to donate the highest amounts of 50 UK pounds or above and leave their WWPD forum contact details (not your address, email or phone please!!!!) I am offering the following:

If you are not a WWPD forum user please email me at gamer2 (at) dalesys. co. uk

A Flames of War “Open Fire” Starter Set. Just say “Flames” after your name if you have that preference.

A Dropzone Commander Starter set. Just say “Dropzone” in the comments with your forum name.

A Saga 6 point (yes SIX not 4!!!) Gripping Beast starter metal set. Just say “Saga” after your forum name. The chosen army is the Irish Warband.

And to the highest runner-up after the above and donating at least 30 pounds, a T-shirt of my choosing (gamey but not offensive).  Again in all cases leave your forum id and i will PM you get your size details. They go up to UK 2X (2x fits me great and i am a barrel chested 48 !!)

So there you have it. I have got together some neat prize support to say thanks for your generous giving. So please dig deep and donate to Help for Heroes !

Notes: Delivery to UK addresses only by Royal Mail. As these are rewards for donations not purchases the nominal value of the goods is £0.0001
I will decide the winners (you are all winners to me for donating any amount!) in descending order of donation value at the end of Sunday 12th April when i have recovered from the event. In the event that there are less winning amounts than prizes, you can continue to donate for another week after the event ffor whatever is left. My decision is final and all monies raised will go to H4H.”