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Flames of War: EW French from Peter Pig

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My Peter Pig components arrived in the Easter break for my Early War French tank company.

The service was pretty fast and after opening them, the assembly seemed quick and easy. You get 8 infantry in each pack, I chose 2 packs of LMGs, 2 of Rifles, 1 VB launchers, 1 command, 2 Hotchkiss H39, 1 Somua S35.

The bases of the infantry are a lot smaller than the Battlefront ones which is useful but requires more effort to keep them in position while they fasten to their bases.

The detail on the infantry is great. The Somua tank maybe not 100% as detailed as the Battlefront one, but pretty good nonetheless, and cheaper. Stupidly while cleaning the parts of any release agents / grease I lost the small exhaust for the Somua. Take care when cleaning and drying!

The models are ALL metal and therefore the tanks are heavier than the Resin/Metal combos from Battlefront.

All in all I am quite impressed with the models and wish PP did more French!


S1040001 S1040003 S1040004


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