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Salute 2014 – interesting Vietnam table and scenario

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One of the tables that really made me stop and talk to the creators was this great Vietnam era display.

A game was being played during the day on what turned out to be very flexible terrain and some interesting models. Thanks to the Whitehall Warlords for this table and the help on the day. Their game was called “Iron Butterflies in the Killer Jungle” a 15mm scale piece that encompassed “a US Riverine, heli-borne and armoured encirclement of  a North Vietnamese bunker complex”.

The models included some Battlefront and I think Peter Pig (after 6 hours on the day i can’t recall every detail of all the conversations i had). I liked the M113s in the corner of the table – three varieties including the newer plastic Battlefront ones.

I had already taken the plunge into Flames of War Vietnam recently by taking advantage of the 40% off sale by Battlefront.

Looking at this table, the “frond-tastic” undergrowth (modelled with a variety of architectural grasses and aquarium plants to be as realistic as possible) and the boat landing that follows real world tactics have really inspired me to get into the game. Big thanks to (Andrew, I think it was) for his time and thoughts and detailed research. Well done “WW”.




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  1. The Kiwi says:

    Great looking game.

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