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Flames of War: Early War French – Artillery platoon build

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The Battlefront Heavy artillery platoon box doesn’t include the Canon de 105 court modèle 1935 B option. One option was for me to try to get guns from elsewhere. The other option was to convert what I had to look like the correct gun.

There is a link to wikipedia with an image of the gun in a museum. Other images helped as well.

I didn’t go to the trouble of getting the top of the gun shield quite right as it would be fiddly to get the cuts on the metal quite right.

Basically, I cut the end off the 155m barrel, cut pieces off the sides of the gun shield and took the spoked wheels out of the pack and added some filler to the back, then angled the wheels outward.

The finished look is similar to the gun i needed for my army so I will build on that. The painting should help to set the teams off.




  1. 40kterminatus says:

    Whats with the strange inward facing wheels ? I checked the internet and your wheels spot on but cannot find out why they face that way ?

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