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AAR: Flames of War: Italy – 1500 point Pincer – Brit Amour v HG Panzergrenadiers

This was a grudge match, the same forces as last game, but on a new map, moving up a road to a village. The mission was Pincer and the Axis infantry were, of course, defending the road and village.

The layout was as seen:

FoW Italy3 AAR (3)

FoW Italy3 AAR (4)

The forces were deployed as follows:


Seven platoons, one Panzergrenadier unit with panzserschrecks to the left, one to the right and a unit of  StuGs in Ambush. Four platoons (Panzer IIIs, 2 x mobile AA and 1 x infantry gun).

FoW Italy3 AAR (7) FoW Italy3 AAR (8) FoW Italy3 AAR (9)


FoW Italy3 AAR (10) FoW Italy3 AAR (11) FoW Italy3 AAR (12) FoW Italy3 AAR (13)

Recce Move:

The Allies move their Stuart up the far left flank. There is nothing to stop them getting deep into Axis territory…

FoW Italy3 AAR (15)

Turn 1:

Allies move up with little to threaten them, the Recce Stuarts hold position…

The M10s move ver the central hill, to keep their right flank pinning the Axis left flank to the other objective…

FoW Italy3 AAR (17)

FoW Italy3 AAR (18)

Air doesn’t get the Axis team in the building, lucky as it’s a Schreck and its also within defending range of the objective…

FoW Italy3 AAR (19)

The StuGs pop out of Ambush and spread around the back of the objective that is coming under great scrutiny by the Allies!

FoW Italy3 AAR (20)

Turn 2:

As the Allies are getting close, the air has less targets to attack!

Allied air fails to get the StuGs.

The Allies recon removes the Axis infantry gone to ground. The other Allied assets in LoS and range do what they can to pin the Axis.

FoW Italy3 AAR (22)


FoW Italy3 AAR (23)

Turn 3:

The Allies really lay into the Axis infantry platoon. Axis casualties mount up.

FoW Italy3 AAR (27)

The Allies mount an all out Assault on the Axis in the wood. The Defenders can only muster two points of defensive hits from their pinned MG teams. Ouch, the Assault goes through…

FoW Italy3 AAR (29)

The Allies can now concentrate on getting up the road and hill to deal with the StuGs…

The StuGs can only push out one team to hold the objective as the Allies now have teams within 4 inches of victory!

FoW Italy3 AAR (34)

Turn 4:

The Allies have consolidated their defeat of the Axis on their left flank and move to take the objective. They have to destroy the StuGs as best they can. And they do using all their available tank and M10 TD fire. Three StuGs are burning.

Somewhere round here the Axis 1iC buys the farm as well. Ouch indeed.

The Axis cannot counter the objective this turn and will therefore lose next turn….

FoW Italy3 AAR (37)

Axis reserves arrive in the shape of 4 panzer III’s that shoot up the Recon Stuart tanks. their four shots manage to kill just one Allied tank. Groans from the revenge squad!

FoW Italy3 AAR (38) FoW Italy3 AAR (39)

Turn 5:

FoW Italy3 AAR(40)

At which the game was effectively over at the top of Turn 5. The Axis had no units close to the objective on the road, the Allies won 6-1.


What can I say. It was textbook combined arms assault from the Allies. They used planes and tanks to push forward, Recon to make it easier to hit the defenders then sent in infantry to assault the remaining defending teams. The Axis didn’t have enough assets protecting the objective that came under fire.

The Axis failed to use their assets to best effect. They allowed the Allies to get their Recon tanks well up the field of battle before turn 1. If they had deployed infantry further forward up to the edge of their deployment and also had some AT assets covering the allied advance they could have slowed or altered the line of approach.  Any time bought would allow the reserves to arrive and for the other infantry platoon to move across if needed. As it was, the 2nd Axis infantry platoon was left to guard the other objective just in case the Allied TD’s swung across to take it.

A good textbook win for the Allies.


Jugula Familia 1 – The Bad Boys of the Arena are Here…

After those nice guys at Gripping Beast sent along the Jugula game to review for, I couldn’t resist painting up the four 35mm scale Gladiators that came along with the rules and card deck. These models come in a box along with some alternative weaponry and heads.

The models needed  a bit of cleanup (I will post another “getting there” post soon – for now I just wanted to get the finished product up). There was some flash to contend with on a couple of models and some mould lines across the quilted armour on some models.

After that the glueing was straightforward (the parts for the models go together easily) and painting was a bit easier than 28mm scale.

I used Vallejo paints and then Army Painter soft tone dip to seal and shade the models.

Once dry, the models had canary sand glued to the bases with PVA glue. Finally, a few light coats of Army Painter anti-shine Matt spray were used to seal and reduce the gloss.

The models look great at table top distance. So good, I have already ordered another box of models to make up another Gladiator School! You will need the rulebook, a deck of Jugula cards for each player (2 to 4 players) and a set of gladiators per person).

Here we have the Murmillo (tower shield), Hoplomachus (spear/round shield), Retiarius(trident and weighted net) and Velites(wolf hat!).

AAR: Flames of War: Italy – 1500 point Cauldron in the Town -Brit Amour v HG Panzergrenadiers

This was to be a Fight at Dusk for the occupation of a Town, A Flames of War battle fought in Italy.

The Axis Forces (Herman Goring Panzergrenadiers, “Dogs and Devils”) are defending two objectives in a “Cauldron” mission. One is in the open, the other in the Town.  The Germans have to wait for delayed reserves to arrive from the far table edge.

The British and Commonwealth Armoured Squadron (page 76 “Road to Rome”) have to attack with Reserves coming from the sides.

Night is falling (or rather it was getting dark and some of the venues lighting was not working, sadly).

Axis force 1500 points (6 platoons): HQ (SMG), 2 x Panzergrenadier (7 MG stands each), Pioneer rifle MG), 3 PAK40s, 1 Tiger, 4 StuGs.

Allied force 1500 points (6 platoons): HQ (3 shermans), 2 x 3 sherman platoons, 1 x 3 Stuart Recon tanks, Rifle platoon, 1 x 4 M10 Tank destroyers, Limited air (Kittyhawks). Several tanks /TDs with .50 cal MGs.

Here are the pictures…

The Table:

AAR Italy Town 1500 (5)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (6)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (7)

Objective near the hill on the right below… (a ruined tank)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (8)

There it is !

AAR Italy Town 1500 (9)

and the other one in the middle of the town…. (another ruined tank)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (10)


AAR Italy Town 1500 (4)

Panzergrenadier MGs guard one….

AAR Italy Town 1500 (3)

The other platoon of Panzergrenadiers guard the other… from within the houses along the street…

AAR Italy Town 1500 (2)


AAR Italy Town 1500 (1)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (11)


Immediate Ambush:

PAK 40s sit tight covering the central ground and outer objective.

Turn 1, the Axis sit it out. The Allies get their scattered troops all over the place. The recon Stuart tanks are out in the sticks, the CO on the other side of the hill from the objective. The other tank platoons are nearer the village. The Recon tanks cannot be hit over 16 inches but can’t risk fire from two PAK40’s.

AAR Italy Town 1500 (22)

Allies move up toward the town objective… three tanks take MG shots / 50 cals at the couple of infantry teams in the houses. Bullets ping off stone…


AAR Italy Town 1500 (21)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (24)

On turn 3, the Axis StuGs turn up and try to trash the Stuart tanks, one shot apiece…

but they whiff….

AAR Italy Town 1500 (25)

In fact, the Recon tanks disengaged but I wanted to see what might have been! This was not the last of crappy Axis dice rolls and decent Allied rolls!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (26)

Close up of the Recon tanks, they kept moving back and forth the whole game doing nothing useful but being very hard to try to hit. In the end, the Axis gave it up and drove over to the hill.

AAR Italy Town 1500 (31)

The Allies continued to pour their reserves into the town… their tanks kept chipping at the defending panzergrenadiers. Oh how they need Panzerschrecks now!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (29) AAR Italy Town 1500 (28)

The Axis Tiger turned up and tried to get to the town at the double. Stupid stupid mistake. The Allied Tank destroyers turned up and as they weren’t random, they came side on to the road and saw the Tigers side armour! I should have moved the Tiger on the other side of the wood away from the road and nearer the friendly StuGs. I hate making stupid moves that I should have seen coming a mile off. I guess i need to focus on the rules of each mission more and where and what is going to come on!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (32)

Surprise – 1 shot per M10 – three hits, two penetrations…

AAR Italy Town 1500 (36)

The Axis forces in the town go house to house

AAR Italy Town 1500 (35)

The Allies outgunned the Axis all over the shop…

Pioneer Axis troops tried to get the drop on the TD’s – they went in for an Assault with their hight AT rating….

AAR Italy Town 1500 (39)

This is what was left after the assault… the Allied TDs had 12 shots from 50 cal MGs. They got seven hits. the Pioneers fell back, pinned, they rolled for saves and failed 6. The Platoon command passed around (Mission tactics) a bit then the commander failed his elite morale re-roll and ran as his 24 colleagues lay around his boots!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (40)

The Allies then got air from about 2 dice – not just some air – three planes!

They came in for the StuGs…

AAR Italy Town 1500 (41)

and got them… the StuG that was left made his morale check and the bailed one remounted next turn!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (46)

The TD’s moved toward the town… the Stugs had to go somewhere. Amazingly the four shots at the Stug near the PAK did not hit. Some of the Axis bad dice rolling had rubbed off on the Allies at last.

AAR Italy Town 1500 (47)


The Stugs moved to the town objective to cover it from the imminent attack… (and to get away from the M10s that were about to kill them! The PAKs couldn’t even hit the M10s as they hid behind walls, buildings, the wrecked Tiger (veteran, concealed, gone to ground and at long-range).

AAR Italy Town 1500 (49)

The Axis managed to get their tanks in behind the StuGs as well as the front. This street was getting hot! (the time was nearly up for the game, the Allies had to finish it now!)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (52)

The StuGs were a bit messed up…

AAR Italy Town 1500(53)

the Allies assaulted the building with the rest of the Panzergrenadiers and the Axis CO… they were mauled then put down in a bloody counter on counter…. next turn the Allies took the game!

The Allies had taken no real losses, the Axis lost four platoons (Tiger, Pioneers, StuGs, Panzergrenadiers and their CO. The 2iC couldn’t hold it together after his men took such a heavy beating. They were left with one panzergrenadier platoon and the PAK40s.

Result: Allies 6, Axis 1.


The Axis forces were spread very thin. The Panzergrenadiers did not have anti-tank capability and the platoon sizes were not big enough to cope with being chipped at. Once they were forced to motivation checks to stay, the Allies poured in and fought hand to hand and pushed them off the town objective. I guess the Axis should have moved the other platoon of infantry into the town, but then only the PAKs would have been left to defend the other objective.

You always seem to need another platoon in FoW if you are defending!

Good game, shame about the poor lighting on the night!


Making terrain for Flames of War in Italy – part 1- walls and fields

Here are some pieces I put together for playing Flames of War with a more Italian feel. I now have some fields, walls and a road through a rocky area.

Next I need some Hills / rocky outcrops and some woods. Then a river area / crossing.

Finally some sort of village.

So here is what I did… about three evenings work (6 hours).

The walls (16 of) were small pebbles glued onto lolly sticks (popsicle sticks for US!) with PVA glue and left overnight. Then they were painted a light colour with cheap emulsion. Then a drybrush with a Vallejo dark grey and finally a white drybrush to get a brighter “Southern Europe” feel. I PVA glued some static grass around the base to disguise the stick! (next i need to remember to paint the sticks green!)

The fields were made from a piece of thicker card stock with thin corrugated craft paper PVA glued to it. Once dry they were painted with a cheap emulsion and then lightly painted with Vallejo mid brown. a spot of Sepia brown watered down ink was used to get some depth and finally a drybrush with khaki on top of the ridge. The edges were “greened” with static grass (PVA glued on). You will need to keep the whole thing flat while it dries as the card stock can curl. Alternatively get some MDF, plasticard or hardboard and use that as the base!


The circular hill is a round cake base (the cake was very nice!) which i just used some cork mats and plaster of paris bandages to give a rocky texture. I finished the look with some “hard as nails” resinous glue and a lolly stick to give some angles and cuts.

Once dry, I used a cheap emulsion and some white paint as a drybrush. Add static grass with PVS glue and another item done. It has a roadway in the middle so makes for an ambush point I think!

The small circular rocky areas (4 of) were made from old CDs. Just hot glue some cork bits then PVA glue some pebbles and sand. Once dry, paint grey and drybrush white. Add static grass with PVA glue. Finished.

BTW: the cork comes from some cheap IKEA teapot mats (you get a pack of three of them for not much money – break them up and you have rocky outcrops to add to your hill and bases).

The big hill is a GW modular hill (sadly OOP now i think). I spray painted it white, painted it grey with cheap emulsion then drybrushed white on the rock edges with Vallejo white.

The static grass was PVA glued on then left overnight.

I sealed the pieces with Army painter anti-shine matt varnish spray.

Oh, I also took some slate pieces i had in a box and simply drybrushed them white to help with making rocky terrain. Just the cost of some white paint there!

Finally, my Flames of War hedgehog tank traps arrived three months late. I just glued them together (very easy, very little cleanup) and painted them a rusty colour and drybrushed them. I think i may have some bases for them as well now!

Job done.

You can see this terrain in action here!



Saga: The Black Hoods and a Battle Report

Over on the website I made some posts about the “Swords for Hire” upgrade “The Black Hoods“. You can use them in a Rus Prince faction.

Also, I put up a four point AAR with Vikings versus Normans in “Sacred Ground“.


mini AAR Flames of War Early – 750 pt French v Japanese

Yes, I know the French and Japanese is not a realistic match up but as Battlefront decided to add Japan to the Early War scene then its possible you can face them.

This was my first game of Early War and I don’t even have the French National Rules for FoW yet (on order).

I had seven Somua S35 tanks (725 points) versus an infantry force of ‘Warrior Rifles’ by the look of it. The Japanese also had some AT guns and mortars as I recall.

We used a 4×3 table and basically a single objective each side with one in the middle that was mainly hidden under a road.

Unfortunately I forgot my decent camera. Rather than a full AAR I am just going to put the best pictures up (sorry) and a quick summary.

The Japanese kept their At guns and mortars back on the hill to defend and repel any attack.  They sent their two infantry platoons forward on the offensive.

The French defended their objective and send the other platoon of tanks to the left toward the central objective.

As you can see the Japanese took some serious infantry casualties while the Somuas kept back out of range of the AT guns. The Japanese broke and advanced on the Somuas. Surviving Nikahaku (?) teams then proceeded to blast the heck out of the tanks and it was game over for the French.  With some MG’s defending I think the French could have finished off the infantry and taken the middle objective (well that’s my thoughts!) The Japanese are really nasty!


Saga The Crescent and the Cross and introducing Jugula

This post escaped my to do list so its a bit late – sorry! Here it is anyway…

Salute 2014 saw Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast launch a new game, Jugula, and a new expansion for the successful Saga Dark Age skirmish game.

Having been lucky enough to cover Salute as part of the WWPD4Vets day (and raise some cash for Help for Heroes – thanks all!) I got to talk to the wonderful Saga and “Beast” guys and get some pictures of their new offerings in all their glory.

Here is a link to my article on the sagatapestry website about “The Crescent and the Cross” expansion.



As for Jugula, it’s a good-looking Gladiator game that got some attention at Salute. Until I get some more info for review, here are a few pictures…

 S1000225 S1000226 S1000228 S1000235