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mini AAR Flames of War Early – 1500 pt French tanks v Czech Panzers

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For my second game of Early Flames of War I found myself up against Fraser’s Axis Panzer horde. My tanks were part completed barring some track work and dipping. The infantry were only part done along with the AT guns.


Czech tanks (Confident Veteran)

HQ: 2 x Panzer 38(t)

2 x Czech Panzer 38(t)

1 x 5 Panzer II C(early)

1 x 2 8-Rad armoured cars

Stuka priority Air Support

(four platoons 1500 points or so)


French tanks (Confident Trained)

HQ: 1 Somua

2 x 4 Somua’s

1 x AMR armoured cars

1 x 5 Hotchkiss tanks,

1 x 4 AT guns

1 x MG infantry platoon

(1505 points)



We played on a 6 x 4 table using the “Surrounded” mission randomly rolled from the rulebook.



The French won the roll to be the Attacker and placed two objectives near the centre of the table. The Defender set up three of his four platoons along the centre line keeping one of his two combat platoons in Immediate Ambush.

The Game:

The Immediate Ambush was placed in the centre behind a hill giving support to both sides of the table. The 8-rads were kept back to cover one objective. French tanks are in the Centre and right flank of one side of the table. The AT guns are on the far right and the infantry and AMR half tracks. The French push the AT guns and all the Somuas forward.

The Hotchkiss were one platoon placed on the opposite end of the table as per the mission rules. These move forward behind cover of a thin woodline.


Turn 1:

20140422_201321 20140422_20130520140422_200106 20140422_200112  20140422_200133 20140422_201255 20140422_201305 20140422_201321

The AT guns lose two teams destroyed by Stukas. The Axis get some cracking airplane rolls in this game!


Turn 2:

The Somuas on the right move forward to contest the objective but also fail to get a bead on the hidden panzers.



The Axis make a move around to the side of the Somuas and do some serious damage.

The left side sees the French infantry and AMRs trying to go forward but the Axis respond with their tanks moving forward. If only the AT guns were on this side of the board!

Turn 3:

The French AT guns pop one Panzer on the far right.


The Stukas tried it on with the centre Somua platoon this turn and killed one.


The Infantry on the right and the AMRs are trying to move forward but the Axis Panzers have moved forward around the wood and with no real AT assets, the French are actually finding it difficult to do anything to the panzers.


 The centre Axis panzers turn and intercept the approaching Hotchkiss tanks from the opposite side of the board…


Turn 4:

The French 1iC and the middle Somuas move to cover the right side objective.  The Somua platoon on the right takes one more casualty and fails motivation, bye-bye right side objective?


The Hotchkiss move forward into the woods to fire on the rear of the panzers. They fail to do any real damage and in return are cut down to one tank. The picture below is the before image!


The left side is a bloodbath as the Panzers attack the infantry and the AMRs hide in cover.


The Stukas finish off the AT guns who failed to dig in.


Turn 5:

The French push their Somua platoon in a do or die move. They kill one panzer and bail another.


The Hotchkiss survivor moves back to safety to avoid another platoon loss.


The AMRs are fired at by the panzers as they prepare to engage the nearby infantry. Apparently you can shoot a team within 8 inches of who you will assault. I need to re-read the rules.

The last infantry team before it is destroyed.


The French 1iC is also destroyed and with four of six French platoons gone, the game is won by the Axis at the start of Turn 6.


This should have been a better game for the newbie French. I made some obvious mistakes. I am really hating the one-man turret rule as it really cuts down your hits. The Axis were able to sit and command. They sat their Armoured cars on one objective which I never challenged. I should have set the Hotchkiss tanks up to intercept these and force one of the three Axis tank platoons to support this objective. This would have taken the pressure off the Somuas a little.

I should really have put all the Somuas in one bunch to take on the right side objective. The one-man turret rule means i should have sat and used the range of the Somua guns to battle it out with the Axis. I don’t think the single platoon of panzers even with their 1 and 2 iC’s would have been able to win a gun duel with 9 Somuas.

On the other side of the table, I should have kept the infantry, AT guns and AMRs in one bunch to keep each platoon in support of the others, strength in combining MGs and At guns!

Never mind, i can try again sometime.

Fraser got a well deserved win with his lighter tank force, 6-1.






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