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FoW AAR: LW Italy Fighting Withdrawal US3rdID v HG Panzergrenadiers

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I wanted to get a start in the Italy Campaign.

I started with a low point game with a German defensive Fighting Withdrawal in a mountainous Pass.

With only about 875 points per side, it would be tight indeed for both sides….

I took the stats from Dogs and Devils on as I don’t have the new Italy books.

Axis: HQ (2 x SMG), 3 x Panzergrenadier platoons, 1 x lelg18 guns (2 of) with observer.

US3rd ID: HQ plus 2 bazookas, 1 x Assault Rifle platoon, 1 x Rifle Platoon, 1 x Weapons platoon (2 LMG, 3 x 60mm mortars). The LMGs and HQ bazookas were divided between the Rifle platoons giving them 13 teams each. The Mortars were kept as a separate platoon.

The Game…

The Germans have to defend the road through the mountain pass – an objective the Allies need to capture to get behind the enemy lines!

Italy AAR (1)

HG Panzergrenadiers dig in behind walls on the Allied left flank… (as well as the right in some fields)

Italy AAR (9)

You can see the road ahead… is paved with MG gunfire and some infantry gun firepower….

Italy AAR (3)

The Allied battalion HQ is ordered to send in the nearest company to take the Pass…

Italy AAR (4)

Recon jeeps are ordered to investigate….

Italy AAR (5)

Into the jaws of death….

Italy AAR (6)

Oh C&*P!…

Italy AAR (7)

At the same time, Allies are then moving up on across no mans land ready to move in… this was the left flank with the Assault platoon and a deadly flame thrower team….

Italy AAR (14)

The Recon teams get out of their Jeeps and try to get into position for spotting on the left flank…

Italy AAR (10)

The Axis infantry guns give up their silence and bombard the Recon teams. Amazingly, they kill two teams despite their lack of numbers. …

Italy AAR (11)

The US mortars open fire on the left flank panzergrenadiers – some hope with them still gone to ground…

Italy AAR (12)

The shells range in, but fail to hit anything….

Italy AAR (13)

The right allied flank…. the Rifle platoon and its LMG use the rocky ground for cover….. they fire as they have moved but their dug-in Axis adversary just listen to ammo ping off the rocks!

Italy AAR (15)

On the left allied flank, the Assault platoon moves up. Shooting on the move at Veteran Elite soldiers dug-in behind these damn stony walls does nothing to help the allies. Bullets ping off the rocks….

Italy AAR (17)

The Axis reply with an artillery strike on the moving Assault platoon….. and manage to hit and kill one team. these guys are now pinned to the stony ground….

Italy AAR (18)

The Panzergrenadiers on the left allied flank now take full advantage and open fire on the Assault Rfile platoon. They cause some heavy damage, but not enough to break this large band (and their CO!)

Italy AAR (19)

The Assault platoon moves on to just within assault range of the nearest couple of enemy MG teams… The US mortars follow-up now that the Panzergrenadiers have lost their gone to ground…. two teams dead.

Italy AAR (20)

The Assault Rifles open fire with their Automatic weapons and kill the platoon commander. The flamethrower crisps a team behind a wall. Being the efficient elite troops they are a HG Sergeant immediately takes over!

Italy AAR (21)

The Assault Platoon sends a few teams to assault the now abandoned forward position…. They don’t take any damage from the shocked Axis troops.

Italy AAR (22)

The Axis on the ridge take full advantage of the fact the Allies are now in their firing range but amazingly only kill one careless bazooka team! The Infantry gun platoon has had to withdraw now as well!

Italy AAR (23)

The Allies are a hairs breadth short of the objective, but the Axis have to back off and still stand to save the day… for now….

Italy AAR (24)

The US 1iC and the rest of the Assault platoon stand as their CO gives them the pep talk on the importance of taking this Pass!

Italy AAR (25)

The US Recon teams have relocated to the far side of the road to help out and try to remove the Axis gone to ground. The Axis lose their cool and now try to gut the US by opening up with the right flank MG platoon. The annihilate the Recon platoon, but they have given up that gone to ground to do it!

Italy AAR (26)

The US left flank amalgamate for a push on the objective. …. lining up for an assault….

Italy AAR (27)

The pinned Axis force cannot repel or kill any US teams. The US teams make it into combat and kill two Axis teams…..

Italy AAR (28)

The Axis platoon (remains of!) fail to motivate to counter attack. The back off but still contest the objective….

Italy AAR (29)

This becomes the decisive moment in the game… The Elite HG Panzergrenadier platoon manages to pass its morale and stick to the objective….  now you have an objective…. and as it passes to turn 6…. and no win for the Allies….. the objective goes… AHHH!

Italy AAR (30)

The allies can do nothing but take out the rest of the HG Panzergrenadier platoon. …. The Axis respond with fire from the rear platoon but fail to kill any US teams. . (note: They still do not need to withdraw as there are so few platoons left).

Italy AAR (31)

The ALlies have no choice but to make a dash for the other flank objective….

Italy AAR (32)

The Axis MG teams make mincemeat of some of the teams in the open…

The US can only mortar the Axis and pin them.

Italy AAR (33)

The Axis MGs on the ridgeline now get revenge and amazingly kill all four of the remaining Assault platoon teams. The US 1iC look on from the behind the rocks and can do nothing…

Italy AAR (34)

The US Rifles only kill one Axis MG team on the right flank for all their losses….

Italy AAR (35)

The Axis on the US right are almost as strong as ever. The unpin and wait it out…

Italy AAR (36)

At this point on Turn 7 the other objective is removed. The Allies now only have one turn to try to take the rear objective. No chance… see the top view below….

Italy AAR(38)


Game over, 5-2 to the Axis.

A really good game, Fighting Withdrawal is always a close game. The fact that the Axis didn’t run from the US Assault platoon won them the game. If the had failed that morale check, the Allies would have won at the top of Turn 6.

We changed the table size a little and the objective placement was squeezed to help with the scenario. It is sauce for the goose, closer objectives can help both sides.

Not a good start for the US but at least they bloodied the Axis a little. And I got to use my new home made terrain!


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