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mini AAR Flames of War Early – 750 pt French v Japanese

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Yes, I know the French and Japanese is not a realistic match up but as Battlefront decided to add Japan to the Early War scene then its possible you can face them.

This was my first game of Early War and I don’t even have the French National Rules for FoW yet (on order).

I had seven Somua S35 tanks (725 points) versus an infantry force of ‘Warrior Rifles’ by the look of it. The Japanese also had some AT guns and mortars as I recall.

We used a 4×3 table and basically a single objective each side with one in the middle that was mainly hidden under a road.

Unfortunately I forgot my decent camera. Rather than a full AAR I am just going to put the best pictures up (sorry) and a quick summary.

The Japanese kept their At guns and mortars back on the hill to defend and repel any attack.  They sent their two infantry platoons forward on the offensive.

The French defended their objective and send the other platoon of tanks to the left toward the central objective.

As you can see the Japanese took some serious infantry casualties while the Somuas kept back out of range of the AT guns. The Japanese broke and advanced on the Somuas. Surviving Nikahaku (?) teams then proceeded to blast the heck out of the tanks and it was game over for the French.  With some MG’s defending I think the French could have finished off the infantry and taken the middle objective (well that’s my thoughts!) The Japanese are really nasty!



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