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AAR: Flames of War: Italy – 1500 point Cauldron in the Town -Brit Amour v HG Panzergrenadiers

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This was to be a Fight at Dusk for the occupation of a Town, A Flames of War battle fought in Italy.

The Axis Forces (Herman Goring Panzergrenadiers, “Dogs and Devils”) are defending two objectives in a “Cauldron” mission. One is in the open, the other in the Town.  The Germans have to wait for delayed reserves to arrive from the far table edge.

The British and Commonwealth Armoured Squadron (page 76 “Road to Rome”) have to attack with Reserves coming from the sides.

Night is falling (or rather it was getting dark and some of the venues lighting was not working, sadly).

Axis force 1500 points (6 platoons): HQ (SMG), 2 x Panzergrenadier (7 MG stands each), Pioneer rifle MG), 3 PAK40s, 1 Tiger, 4 StuGs.

Allied force 1500 points (6 platoons): HQ (3 shermans), 2 x 3 sherman platoons, 1 x 3 Stuart Recon tanks, Rifle platoon, 1 x 4 M10 Tank destroyers, Limited air (Kittyhawks). Several tanks /TDs with .50 cal MGs.

Here are the pictures…

The Table:

AAR Italy Town 1500 (5)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (6)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (7)

Objective near the hill on the right below… (a ruined tank)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (8)

There it is !

AAR Italy Town 1500 (9)

and the other one in the middle of the town…. (another ruined tank)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (10)


AAR Italy Town 1500 (4)

Panzergrenadier MGs guard one….

AAR Italy Town 1500 (3)

The other platoon of Panzergrenadiers guard the other… from within the houses along the street…

AAR Italy Town 1500 (2)


AAR Italy Town 1500 (1)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (11)


Immediate Ambush:

PAK 40s sit tight covering the central ground and outer objective.

Turn 1, the Axis sit it out. The Allies get their scattered troops all over the place. The recon Stuart tanks are out in the sticks, the CO on the other side of the hill from the objective. The other tank platoons are nearer the village. The Recon tanks cannot be hit over 16 inches but can’t risk fire from two PAK40’s.

AAR Italy Town 1500 (22)

Allies move up toward the town objective… three tanks take MG shots / 50 cals at the couple of infantry teams in the houses. Bullets ping off stone…


AAR Italy Town 1500 (21)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (24)

On turn 3, the Axis StuGs turn up and try to trash the Stuart tanks, one shot apiece…

but they whiff….

AAR Italy Town 1500 (25)

In fact, the Recon tanks disengaged but I wanted to see what might have been! This was not the last of crappy Axis dice rolls and decent Allied rolls!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (26)

Close up of the Recon tanks, they kept moving back and forth the whole game doing nothing useful but being very hard to try to hit. In the end, the Axis gave it up and drove over to the hill.

AAR Italy Town 1500 (31)

The Allies continued to pour their reserves into the town… their tanks kept chipping at the defending panzergrenadiers. Oh how they need Panzerschrecks now!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (29) AAR Italy Town 1500 (28)

The Axis Tiger turned up and tried to get to the town at the double. Stupid stupid mistake. The Allied Tank destroyers turned up and as they weren’t random, they came side on to the road and saw the Tigers side armour! I should have moved the Tiger on the other side of the wood away from the road and nearer the friendly StuGs. I hate making stupid moves that I should have seen coming a mile off. I guess i need to focus on the rules of each mission more and where and what is going to come on!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (32)

Surprise – 1 shot per M10 – three hits, two penetrations…

AAR Italy Town 1500 (36)

The Axis forces in the town go house to house

AAR Italy Town 1500 (35)

The Allies outgunned the Axis all over the shop…

Pioneer Axis troops tried to get the drop on the TD’s – they went in for an Assault with their hight AT rating….

AAR Italy Town 1500 (39)

This is what was left after the assault… the Allied TDs had 12 shots from 50 cal MGs. They got seven hits. the Pioneers fell back, pinned, they rolled for saves and failed 6. The Platoon command passed around (Mission tactics) a bit then the commander failed his elite morale re-roll and ran as his 24 colleagues lay around his boots!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (40)

The Allies then got air from about 2 dice – not just some air – three planes!

They came in for the StuGs…

AAR Italy Town 1500 (41)

and got them… the StuG that was left made his morale check and the bailed one remounted next turn!

AAR Italy Town 1500 (46)

The TD’s moved toward the town… the Stugs had to go somewhere. Amazingly the four shots at the Stug near the PAK did not hit. Some of the Axis bad dice rolling had rubbed off on the Allies at last.

AAR Italy Town 1500 (47)


The Stugs moved to the town objective to cover it from the imminent attack… (and to get away from the M10s that were about to kill them! The PAKs couldn’t even hit the M10s as they hid behind walls, buildings, the wrecked Tiger (veteran, concealed, gone to ground and at long-range).

AAR Italy Town 1500 (49)

The Axis managed to get their tanks in behind the StuGs as well as the front. This street was getting hot! (the time was nearly up for the game, the Allies had to finish it now!)

AAR Italy Town 1500 (52)

The StuGs were a bit messed up…

AAR Italy Town 1500(53)

the Allies assaulted the building with the rest of the Panzergrenadiers and the Axis CO… they were mauled then put down in a bloody counter on counter…. next turn the Allies took the game!

The Allies had taken no real losses, the Axis lost four platoons (Tiger, Pioneers, StuGs, Panzergrenadiers and their CO. The 2iC couldn’t hold it together after his men took such a heavy beating. They were left with one panzergrenadier platoon and the PAK40s.

Result: Allies 6, Axis 1.


The Axis forces were spread very thin. The Panzergrenadiers did not have anti-tank capability and the platoon sizes were not big enough to cope with being chipped at. Once they were forced to motivation checks to stay, the Allies poured in and fought hand to hand and pushed them off the town objective. I guess the Axis should have moved the other platoon of infantry into the town, but then only the PAKs would have been left to defend the other objective.

You always seem to need another platoon in FoW if you are defending!

Good game, shame about the poor lighting on the night!




  1. Dan Ibekwe says:

    Great report Mike, thanks for the game.

    A couple of things. My lads are ‘B’ Squadron 46th RTR (Liverpool Welsh) – both they and the HG were at Anzio, though as far as I know their paths never crossed.

    The M10s (57th AT Rgt RA, 10th Corps troops) actually had ‘eight’ shots at the Tiger – RoF one on the move, but doubled because the Tiger had Doubled at 16″ in it’s move. Four hit, two penetrated, one passed firepower.

    And commiserations on your truly horrible dice!

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