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Making terrain for Flames of War in Italy – part 1- walls and fields

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Here are some pieces I put together for playing Flames of War with a more Italian feel. I now have some fields, walls and a road through a rocky area.

Next I need some Hills / rocky outcrops and some woods. Then a river area / crossing.

Finally some sort of village.

So here is what I did… about three evenings work (6 hours).

The walls (16 of) were small pebbles glued onto lolly sticks (popsicle sticks for US!) with PVA glue and left overnight. Then they were painted a light colour with cheap emulsion. Then a drybrush with a Vallejo dark grey and finally a white drybrush to get a brighter “Southern Europe” feel. I PVA glued some static grass around the base to disguise the stick! (next i need to remember to paint the sticks green!)

The fields were made from a piece of thicker card stock with thin corrugated craft paper PVA glued to it. Once dry they were painted with a cheap emulsion and then lightly painted with Vallejo mid brown. a spot of Sepia brown watered down ink was used to get some depth and finally a drybrush with khaki on top of the ridge. The edges were “greened” with static grass (PVA glued on). You will need to keep the whole thing flat while it dries as the card stock can curl. Alternatively get some MDF, plasticard or hardboard and use that as the base!


The circular hill is a round cake base (the cake was very nice!) which i just used some cork mats and plaster of paris bandages to give a rocky texture. I finished the look with some “hard as nails” resinous glue and a lolly stick to give some angles and cuts.

Once dry, I used a cheap emulsion and some white paint as a drybrush. Add static grass with PVS glue and another item done. It has a roadway in the middle so makes for an ambush point I think!

The small circular rocky areas (4 of) were made from old CDs. Just hot glue some cork bits then PVA glue some pebbles and sand. Once dry, paint grey and drybrush white. Add static grass with PVA glue. Finished.

BTW: the cork comes from some cheap IKEA teapot mats (you get a pack of three of them for not much money – break them up and you have rocky outcrops to add to your hill and bases).

The big hill is a GW modular hill (sadly OOP now i think). I spray painted it white, painted it grey with cheap emulsion then drybrushed white on the rock edges with Vallejo white.

The static grass was PVA glued on then left overnight.

I sealed the pieces with Army painter anti-shine matt varnish spray.

Oh, I also took some slate pieces i had in a box and simply drybrushed them white to help with making rocky terrain. Just the cost of some white paint there!

Finally, my Flames of War hedgehog tank traps arrived three months late. I just glued them together (very easy, very little cleanup) and painted them a rusty colour and drybrushed them. I think i may have some bases for them as well now!

Job done.

You can see this terrain in action here!




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