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AAR: Flames of War: Italy – 1500 point Pincer – Brit Amour v HG Panzergrenadiers

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This was a grudge match, the same forces as last game, but on a new map, moving up a road to a village. The mission was Pincer and the Axis infantry were, of course, defending the road and village.

The layout was as seen:

FoW Italy3 AAR (3)

FoW Italy3 AAR (4)

The forces were deployed as follows:


Seven platoons, one Panzergrenadier unit with panzserschrecks to the left, one to the right and a unit of  StuGs in Ambush. Four platoons (Panzer IIIs, 2 x mobile AA and 1 x infantry gun).

FoW Italy3 AAR (7) FoW Italy3 AAR (8) FoW Italy3 AAR (9)


FoW Italy3 AAR (10) FoW Italy3 AAR (11) FoW Italy3 AAR (12) FoW Italy3 AAR (13)

Recce Move:

The Allies move their Stuart up the far left flank. There is nothing to stop them getting deep into Axis territory…

FoW Italy3 AAR (15)

Turn 1:

Allies move up with little to threaten them, the Recce Stuarts hold position…

The M10s move ver the central hill, to keep their right flank pinning the Axis left flank to the other objective…

FoW Italy3 AAR (17)

FoW Italy3 AAR (18)

Air doesn’t get the Axis team in the building, lucky as it’s a Schreck and its also within defending range of the objective…

FoW Italy3 AAR (19)

The StuGs pop out of Ambush and spread around the back of the objective that is coming under great scrutiny by the Allies!

FoW Italy3 AAR (20)

Turn 2:

As the Allies are getting close, the air has less targets to attack!

Allied air fails to get the StuGs.

The Allies recon removes the Axis infantry gone to ground. The other Allied assets in LoS and range do what they can to pin the Axis.

FoW Italy3 AAR (22)


FoW Italy3 AAR (23)

Turn 3:

The Allies really lay into the Axis infantry platoon. Axis casualties mount up.

FoW Italy3 AAR (27)

The Allies mount an all out Assault on the Axis in the wood. The Defenders can only muster two points of defensive hits from their pinned MG teams. Ouch, the Assault goes through…

FoW Italy3 AAR (29)

The Allies can now concentrate on getting up the road and hill to deal with the StuGs…

The StuGs can only push out one team to hold the objective as the Allies now have teams within 4 inches of victory!

FoW Italy3 AAR (34)

Turn 4:

The Allies have consolidated their defeat of the Axis on their left flank and move to take the objective. They have to destroy the StuGs as best they can. And they do using all their available tank and M10 TD fire. Three StuGs are burning.

Somewhere round here the Axis 1iC buys the farm as well. Ouch indeed.

The Axis cannot counter the objective this turn and will therefore lose next turn….

FoW Italy3 AAR (37)

Axis reserves arrive in the shape of 4 panzer III’s that shoot up the Recon Stuart tanks. their four shots manage to kill just one Allied tank. Groans from the revenge squad!

FoW Italy3 AAR (38) FoW Italy3 AAR (39)

Turn 5:

FoW Italy3 AAR(40)

At which the game was effectively over at the top of Turn 5. The Axis had no units close to the objective on the road, the Allies won 6-1.


What can I say. It was textbook combined arms assault from the Allies. They used planes and tanks to push forward, Recon to make it easier to hit the defenders then sent in infantry to assault the remaining defending teams. The Axis didn’t have enough assets protecting the objective that came under fire.

The Axis failed to use their assets to best effect. They allowed the Allies to get their Recon tanks well up the field of battle before turn 1. If they had deployed infantry further forward up to the edge of their deployment and also had some AT assets covering the allied advance they could have slowed or altered the line of approach.  Any time bought would allow the reserves to arrive and for the other infantry platoon to move across if needed. As it was, the 2nd Axis infantry platoon was left to guard the other objective just in case the Allied TD’s swung across to take it.

A good textbook win for the Allies.


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