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Jugula Familia 1 – The Bad Boys of the Arena are Here…

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After those nice guys at Gripping Beast sent along the Jugula game to review for, I couldn’t resist painting up the four 35mm scale Gladiators that came along with the rules and card deck. These models come in a box along with some alternative weaponry and heads.

The models needed  a bit of cleanup (I will post another “getting there” post soon – for now I just wanted to get the finished product up). There was some flash to contend with on a couple of models and some mould lines across the quilted armour on some models.

After that the glueing was straightforward (the parts for the models go together easily) and painting was a bit easier than 28mm scale.

I used Vallejo paints and then Army Painter soft tone dip to seal and shade the models.

Once dry, the models had canary sand glued to the bases with PVA glue. Finally, a few light coats of Army Painter anti-shine Matt spray were used to seal and reduce the gloss.

The models look great at table top distance. So good, I have already ordered another box of models to make up another Gladiator School! You will need the rulebook, a deck of Jugula cards for each player (2 to 4 players) and a set of gladiators per person).

Here we have the Murmillo (tower shield), Hoplomachus (spear/round shield), Retiarius(trident and weighted net) and Velites(wolf hat!).


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