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Review: Wargames Tournaments 15mm MDF ruined farm

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Here’s a kit I picked up on eBay UK a couple of weeks back to give it a try. About 5 pounds and free postage cost in this case.  It was made by Wargames Tournaments.

The kit is pretty small, with no instructions but is a doddle to put together. The parts slot together to help with placement and add a bit of strength. You will need to use a glue (they suggest superglue not PVA) or a hot glue gun.

I decided to remove some of the window coverings and make some holes in the walls (the windows have nicely grained shutters in them but they are not ‘punch out’ friendly having not been cut through completely with the laser cutter). I also used some of the leftover frame to make extra walls and a second floor for inside the house.

I went with PVA anyway and left it to dry. You need to glue the central section where the four pieces join to add some strength.

The kit was quick to build and has some detail. I decided to make it fit an Italy theme so added some “hard as nails” strong filler-glue to the walls, just leaving the brickwork exposed.

Once dry I added some sand to the floor with PVA and then spray undercoated white.

A brown ink wash was used on the model to give it some depth and character.

Finally some static grass was PVS glued on to the floor to make the place look abandoned and to connect the base to the table covering.

Next time I will make the base darker then add the static grass, as it was I had to add some more wash to the base to darken it after the grass was put in place. It looks a bit meh to me.

Here are some pictures of the item and the building and painting…..


I quite liked the kit and so ordered some more. I now have a 15mm scale Pegasus bridge, Cafe Gondree and another ruined farmhouse to build!



  1. 40kterminatus says:

    Pretty good for £5 🙂

    • I would say if you wanted to get a couple of cheap building on the table and you don’t have mdf or similar materials in your bits box then just get two or three of these, build them as they come and then paint them in different colours and place them around your battlefield. Maybe turn the corner of the plot that has no walls into a garden! A piece of card could be cut to make a partial roof on one building. Give each one a different character even if they are ruins!

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