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15mm MDF Wargames Tournaments Cafe Gondree kit

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Here’s the part assembled Cafe Gondree kit from Wargames Tournaments as part of the “Pegasus Bridge” scene…. There’s a lot of window shutters to add yet! Here’s the last post I made on their ruined farm building… link.

The kit was straightforward to pop out and hot glue together. The company recommend to superglue the kit not PVA it, I just went for speed! The shutters will be a pain. There was an instruction sheet, but you really don’t need it, just remember to dry fit the pieces first!

Each floor of each ‘segment’ of the building holds 3 medium Flames of War teams – just so that’s 12 bases max – not bad. You may have to put the edge of one base over the other by a mm or two to fit the three in each part though. The kit does come in other scales such as 20mm and 28mm.

The assembled kit is pretty strong and should paint up well.  Here is the real deal for inspiration… link.


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