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Conquest and Gripping Beast plastic Scots Saga faction

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Here is my (for now) completed 6 points of Saga Scots. The troops could be used for a variety of forces, so “Scots” is being used loosely.

All the models are plastics. The Warlord is a Gripping Beast Saxon hearthguard. The 32 spearmen are Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors (the ones with trousers!) – I would have preferred some bare legs in warriors that could be Scots, or Welsh or Irish, but I had to work with what I had.

I haven’t gone all out to model tartan, but the colour schemes leave the warriors open to be pretty generic in use. The paints used were various Vallejo game color (and inks), the basing using Javis static grass and army painter grass tufts. The basing on the Warlord was a Renedra 40mm base with some filler, pebbles and PVA glue (very easy to make).

The models flesh was washed with watered down Vallejo skin wash. For a less orangey look you could try their Sepia wash.

The cavalry are Conquest Norman Knights. I could have used smaller plastic Wargame Factory ancient germanic cavalry models, but I wanted to use the special rule for Scots Hero “Macbeth”. He can upgrade a unit of hearthguard cavalry to be Norman Exiles, who gain an extra attack dice apiece if they engage an enemy in combat. Very useful. So the models used were Norman Knights.

I can now field the Warlord, 2 points of Knights and 4 points of Warrior spearmen. If I drop on point of warriors I can upgrade the Warlord to be Macbeth.

Looking forward to using these soon!






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