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Saga: creating a plastic Mutatawwi’a army

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I wanted to create a Spanish army for the new Saga: The Crescent and the Cross book due out very soon.

As I had literally just finished a six point Scot army AND another ten cavalry for the plastic Norman army I have had for a while, I thought it would be good to get a quick project off the ground. With that in mind I have spent several hours of the last couple of days putting together 45 plastic figures for a mutatawwi’a faction.

To make this faction required the full content of a Gripping Beast Arab Spearmen box set and a few cavalry (one Conquest Norman plus “bits” from the bitz box and four Wargame Factory ancient german cavalry (again with added “bitz”  mainly from the Arab spearmen!).

The wargame factory cavalry were a quick fill-in to make the units up to 6 points worth. I may add another 4 later as they look more like warriors than Knights on those little horses! Still, they have “the look” for now.

I like the fact that the plastic Arabs have the sprue connected on the base, where it comes off easily and requires almost no cleaning up. It also helps that the top of the figure is connected on the top of the neck, which cleans up easily and is hidden by the head – not all plastic figures are fastened to the sprue this way!

Sadly, I found that one of the bows on each sprue is a bit miscast – the top end is missing. Theres not much I can do that wouldn’t draw attention to the bow, I just went with it as it is.

Here are some WIP images….



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