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Break time over! Plus some Saga!

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I haven’t posted anything for a while – holidays and other things to do. Don’t worry. I am back on it and getting ramped up.

Tasks are:

finishing off the “Jugula” game Gladiator models….

finishing off some Flames of War bases and vehicles…..

completing the models for the Amber RPG….

putting some paint and basing on the DUST Tactics minis…..

and of course….. lots of Saga – I need to finished the Arab army and build some camels!

I have been posting on WWPD’s website AND done a review on WWPD’s Outpost Zero site – Jugula (combat).

Check out the following…

Jugula game (combat) review

Saga AAR – Strathclyde v Franks

Saga model review – BTD Camels


Thanks for checking these and for continuing to follow me.






  1. Duke Roland says:

    To sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you. I really enjoyed the Strathclyde vs Franks report. It looked like a ton of fun. How do the camel riders compare to GW minis size wise?

  2. Hi. Thx for commenting. I haven’t done a comparison of height sizes of the camel riders to GW – I will try and get a comparison done. My guess is that GW minis are a little oversize and would be bigger than the BTD Camel Riders.

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