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Progress on Saga BTD Camels

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Last weekend I found some time to get my nine Blacktree Design Camels mainly painted. Here is my review for these models… link.

Cleaning these up was a bit of a pain. There was more solid flash than I thought when I reviewed them which led to some serious work with craft knife, pliers(!) and a file. About 2 hours for all nine. The riders were pretty straightforward though, thankfully. Most of the time was spent on six of the camels hind legs, where the top meets the underside. Some solid blocks of metal were looking a bit ugly.

I superglued the camels to Renedra cavalry bases after flattening off the bottom of the base. Painting has been straightforward so far and I intend to wait to the end to glue on the rider and shield.

I will need to add some solid wire spears to some of the riders, I got some from gripping beast some time back as spares. You do get some wire in each pack of three but I prefer a more solid spear. At least the hands of the models were cast open and required almost no cleanup.

Here are some pictures…


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