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Flames of War AAR: LW 1500 points British Trained Tanks v German Infantry

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It has been a while since I last played Flames of War –

Local gamer Andy agreed to play on Friday and we chose Late War 1500 points.



(11 armoured, Normandy, Confident Trained)

3 x HQ Sherman V (making a 2iC platoon with two tanks)

3 x Combat Platoon (3 x Sherman V, 1 x Firefly w. AT14 gun)

2 x Rifle platoon (cmd rifle/mg, 6 x rifle/mg, piat, mortar)

1 x Heavy Mortar (4 bases) plus observer

1 x recon (3 x Universal carriers)

(8 platoons) – Attacking



(KG Arnhem from Bridge by Bridge, Fearless Veteran)


2 x Panzerfaust SMG, 2 x Panzerschreck (135 points)

Combat Platoon:

SS-Panzergrenadier platoon – 1 x cmd SMG Panzerfaust, 6 x Panzerfaust MG (290 points)

Pioneer Platoon (CV) – cmd Panzerfaust SMG, 9 x Pioneer rifle (245 points)


SS Heavy platoon – cmd SMG, 2 x HMG, 2 x 8cm mortars, observer (145 points)


Hummel Tigers (CT) x 3 (435 points)

Light Panzerspah patrol (3 x kfz 222) (120 points)

SS AT guns – cmd SMG, 2 x PAK 40 (120 points)



Breakthrough (2.5 hours) – defender wins if out of time, attacker has to seize an objective on or after turn 6.



AAR (2)


AAR (4)

Defender choose the two quarters to defend from. I choose to run from the river end to the opposite quarter. I have to get some tanks across the river (slow and bog test except at the ford).


Turn 1:

Brits go first and move forward – tanks to the left, straight on and mainly to the right to cross the river.

AAR (5)

British Mortars try to pin the Axis infantry in the middle of the table.

AAR (7)

Axis Tigers move up toward the big red building on the left of the British position.

The left most platoon of tanks hides to the left of the wood, with the red building in front of them.

AAR (6)

Tanks pile over the river, recon gets to a good distance on the right flank to use eyes and ears next turn…

The platoon in the river bogs a tank.


Turn 2:

AAR (9)

The right flank sees the Sherman’s go for the Axis Pioneers platoon.

AAR (11)

Allied Recon carriers use Eyes and Ears to remove Gone to Ground on the Axis Pioneers.

The 2ic platoon moves up behind cover of the buildings in the centre.

The left most platoon moves up to the red building, keeping the firefly back to deal with any peeping Tigers!

AAR (13)

The Allied 1ic has bogged down on the River somewhere.

The Tigers move back to cover the middle.

AAR (21)


Turn 3:

The ‘river’ tank platoon makes it but the bogged tank stays fast on the river bank.

the 2ic platoon help the right most tanks to attack the pioneers.

AAR (12)

The Axis pioneers are shot and assaulted and whittled down….

AAR (14)

The left most platoon move to the other end of the red building – the Tigers have moved back toward the objectives.

AAR (15)

The Tigers moved to get a bead on the bogged Sherman.

Sadly, the Allied 1ic tank is bogged just a few inches. The Tigers get 2 hits, force the 1ic to join the other tank and so get 1 shot a piece. Boom for both.

AAR (19)


Turn 4:

British infantry arrive from reserve. The Axis have already moved their MG/HMG teams up to cover the entry area.

AAR (23)

Axis still command the centre of the board.

AAR (27)

British tanks move up the far right, avoiding the Tiger way back in the wheat field.

In the centre, a few Axis Grenadiers are removed along the way.

The Axis observer is taken down as a mortar round lands on his head.

AAR (29)

The other British tanks on the left were going to make the long haul, but time is running out and they think what to do.

AAR (30)

The two Tigers move up to the village and command the road. The Allied advance on the road and tight is stalled. two platoons can’t move that way!

AAR (33)


Turn 5:

The second British infantry platoon arrives. The first platoon has been damaged by Axis fire in turn 4.

AAR (34)


Turn 6:

The Allied tanks on the far right shoot the lone Axis team – I think this killed off the  pioneer platoon.

AAR (36)

The Allied 2ic “goes for broke” and shoots/assaults the Axis 1 and 2 ic in the centre. They do 7 hits and kill the 1iC – the Axis 2iC escapes.

In return, a ‘faust or two take down the 2ic tank platoon….

AAR (37)

Giving an either/or to the PAK40’s…. they can shoot the big tank platoon or turn and shoot the 2ic platoon…. they stay and wait…. the allied tanks kill the PAK40 command team.

AAR (38)


Turn 7:

The Allied tanks on the left turn and “go for it”. They move and shoot 4 shots at the back ends of the Tigers. They kill one and bail one!

AAR (40)

Flaming Tiger…. a high point for the allies….

AAR (41)

The Allied infantry assault the defenders on the objective and take it. I think this may have been the end of the Axis heavies – 2 platoons down now.

AAR (43)

Axis shooting kills more British rifles – bad 222’s!

AAR (45)

The Tiger un-bails…

AAR (46)

The last three Axis infantry near the objectives assault the British infantry. They destroy the British platoon and take the objective back. The Axis Recon help their infantry.

AAR (47)

The Allies have now lost 3 platoons I think (infantry and two tanks).  The Axis have lost two platoons and a fair whack of the Grenadiers. But their 2ic survived(!)


Turn 8:

At this point we had reached time. The Allies narrowly failed to keep the objective. The remaining infantry platoon could not un-pin so the game ended there, with the Axis Tigers, PAK40’s, recon cars and a few infantry teams left to win the game, 4-3 to Axis, well done Andy.



The Mortars did do some damage but the Axis made just about every unpin test as I recall. The combination of mortar and tank shoot/assault killed off a couple of Axis infantry platoons, but in the end the Tigers did for the Sherman tanks and the attack ground to a halt.

It was an enjoyable game and it was fun to be attacking for a change. Deciding a strategy is always hard for me. I should really have pushed hard on one flank, but dealing with those Tigers and AT guns with just 4 Firefly tanks in the army seems hard to me regardless of how I came in!





  1. Paul says:

    Excellent report, nice looking game too. You really needed the Axis platoons to stay pinned down a bit so they weren’t quite as ready to defend the objectives when you arrived. You did well against the Tigers though, I thought you were going to win it at the end 🙂

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