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DZC: Making rubble bases

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I really like the artwork in the Dropzone Commander rulebook. Those images of abandoned cities gradually going back to the wild look really effective.

After ordering some 1:150 scale model cars (cheap ones) on eBay I used my bitz box to come up with some terrain pieces that looked old, rusty and going wild.

DZC bases (23) - Copy

Other than the little cars I used:

some old mini data CD’s

some Renedra 40mm round bases

a hot glue gun (to fix the cars to the bases).

broken cork to make rubble.

fine sand as a way to break up the flat surface of the bases.

PVA glue to hold the cork and sand on the bases.

twisted wire (barricades)

broken BBQ skewers as poles

Rust primer spray can to give the cars, cork and base an undercoat – not too heavy so you can still see the car colour.

grey paint for the bases.

lighter grey paint (as a drybrush) for the rocks.

off-white paint applied as a (very) drybrush for the cars to give a tarnished look to the paintwork and mark the edges a bit more.

green fine flocking material for a layer of plant growth

a matt varnish spray to damp down any leftover shine from the cars.


Here are the results….



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