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DZC – photo AAR – PHR v UCM in Recon – 1500 points

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I fought my second battle of DZC this time at 1500 points versus the UCM.

We played the Recon mission – each building had a potential objective to find.

Here are some of the pictures from the game… unfortunately I only had my phone camera but did get the “highlights”.





Most buildings had an Intel marker. The UCM had a thicker mass of buildings near their baseline, the PHR less so. The UCM side had less to make up for the larger number of buildings.


The PHR had a greater CV rating of 5 and won most turn activation rolls. The PHR stayed back near the baseline and opted to take on the nearer buildings (to some degree). The Zeus went to the left of the board and the MLRs to the right. Infantry and AA Walkers more central.

The UCM pushed tanks up their left flank and Heavy tanks more centrally. Their infantry was in strike type drop ships and hung back. Their Commander stayed well back out of sight.




UCM found it harder to search buildings at first.

After 2 turns the PHR had 3 VP’s.

UCM were killing infantry and the odd vehicle. PHR struggled to kill one UCM recon element. Ouch.


The UCM had fire lanes on their left and in the centre. They also got lucky and found an ungerground monorail to the central building and their VPs shot up to 6 at the end of turn 4 I think it was.


The PHR were really hiding after losing so much infantry. Their infantry in reserve (they took the first found Objective off-table) struggled to get back into the game.

Stupidly, I had been putting two squads into each building when i should have just gone for maximum search power.

I guess that is a newbie mistake.

DZC AAR (10)

The UCM really had control of the table on this game. The tanks kept my forces at bay while their infantry mopped up ‘unmolested’.

The game fizzled out at 6-3 on Turn 5 as it was getting late and looking bad for the PHR. Thanks to Dan for another good game. I am learning a lot.


A not very optimal list from me for PHR (two Zeus and no heavy walker antitank assets) meant I couldn’t face down the UCM tanks. Where i came into the open i tended to suffer. I lost one Zeus to the Kodiak orbital strike as they were moving in the open and were spotted by UCM recon for a few turns. Even a save of 3+ can be failed sometimes!

Lots of newbie errors. Next time I will have some decent Anti-tanks assets in my list as well as infantry and AA. The extra Zeus and the points spent on a commander and sub-commander reduced the fire in my list (150 points on commanders).

The UCM was a joy to play against – the models looked great and I learned a lot about playing DZC.


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