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Saga – Irish Wolfhounds and home-made champions

I decided to make some units to add to my “generic” Gripping Beast plastic Warriors. In this case I could take the 32 warriors I had used for my Scots army and would be able to add in two champions and a unit of warrior “dogs”.

Here’s what I came up with….

1) the Gripping Beast metal wolfhound pack (make sure you clean the hard-to-see mould line off the dog handler’s left shoulder – I only saw it in a close up photo under a light source – then its pretty obvious!)

Good tip – if you are going to be taking close up photos of your miniatures then make sure you have checked for mould lines before you start painting. Use a camera to help find them if you have “older eyes” like mine!

2) Two Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Warriors. I added shields from the Agema Miniatures Roman Velite pack as these guys are supposed to be javelin armed!



Saga: Review and Event AAR

I have made a few updates to Saga but not mentioned them.

Last weekend I ran a SAGA Tournament as part of the “Pick n’ Mix” Annual gaming event in Stockport.

You can see the details HERE.

Also there was a review of models – Heroes this time – from Gripping Beast … details  HERE.

Finally, take a look at the Crescent and Cross faction,the Mutatawwi’a, HERE.