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Saga: an AAR and a Review of Gripping Beast Houses

Here are two articles I recently posted on the website for the SAGA wargame. Enjoy.

AAR: SAGA – Irish v Vikings 6 points.

Review of GB Houses and Hovels.


Flames of War – an update

I wanted to post an update on where I am at with Flames of War. Over the course of 2014 my interest in FoW has waned a bit, but I wasn’t sure why. I have now sold off my HG Germans and all but one unit of my US 3rd ID.

There is still my painted British tank based army (with decals!) I am keeping that one. I still have a reasonable amount of plastic (mainly from the Open Fire box set) and want to put together a German force. In fact I have two ideas… A StuG Batterie and a Grenadier list, based around some of the same platoons. I may even venture in Panzer IV’s !

With renewed energy, the new year will see these Axis forces come into being!

I have some more painting now to get these ready to meet the Brit tanks! The infantry can wait a bit longer.








Saga figures update – baggage, levy and Danes….

Here is an update on them after a long hiatus… the Welsh are still kicking around too.

The “Baggage” needs finishing… and that’s after I misplaced some of the items!

blog (4) blog (5)

The start of some plastic Gripping Beast Danes/Saxons….. using models I already had part built. I need to add quite a few more (for a Saxon force!)

blog (9)

Here’s some plastic levy… the heads and throwing arms are Gripping Beast Warriors. The bodies are Agema Roman Velites, bases are Renedra plastic 25mm.

Agema and GB Levy (2) Agema and GB Levy (3) Agema and GB Levy (6) Agema and GB Levy (7)

Baccus 6mm ACW arrival

Yes, I have dived into the World of American Civil War – and in another scale… 6mm.

Over the Christmas break I took a look at some new game rules and liked the look of “Altar of War”. I downloaded the rules then the Eastern battles supplement.

You can see the site here.

Example from a game using “Altar of Freedom” rules.


I put an order into Baccus and 4 days later my box of figures arrived…

The figures look crisp and clean and with plenty of detail. I am really looking forward or getting these mounted on their 60x30mm or 30x30mm bases and painted up.

It is a brigade level game allowing you fight all the battles of the American Civil War on a maximum of 6×4 foot tabletop.

I ordered enough for a small to medium game to get to grips with the rules.

Here are some pictures of what turned up. Battle packs of infantry (20 brigades for each side with 28 figures on each 30x60mm base), enough cavalry and HQ units for all size games and 8 artillery units for each side (about half the amount needed for the biggest games). Plus the thin laser cut bases and some packs of flags for the banner poles. At 6mm it is going to be the colour schemes, hats and flags that identify units!

I know what you did over Christmas… LotR LCG

A distinct lack of energy in December  was followed by a busy Christmastime. I managed only to find time to try some more Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, and  quite a few (demo) games of Battlefront’s (not them!) Combat Mission: Fortress  Italy computer game.

Both games are great for the solo gamer. Strategy and tactics and a bit of luck have their place. I tried out several decks at the LotR game against the starter mission “Journey down the Anduin” and then had several goes trying to crack the “Elephants and Tigers” scenario in the CMFI game (Fallschirmjager really rule the roost in that one!)