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Flames of War – an update

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I wanted to post an update on where I am at with Flames of War. Over the course of 2014 my interest in FoW has waned a bit, but I wasn’t sure why. I have now sold off my HG Germans and all but one unit of my US 3rd ID.

There is still my painted British tank based army (with decals!) I am keeping that one. I still have a reasonable amount of plastic (mainly from the Open Fire box set) and want to put together a German force. In fact I have two ideas… A StuG Batterie and a Grenadier list, based around some of the same platoons. I may even venture in Panzer IV’s !

With renewed energy, the new year will see these Axis forces come into being!

I have some more painting now to get these ready to meet the Brit tanks! The infantry can wait a bit longer.








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  1. 40kterminatus says:

    You have a lot of work ahead of you, good luck.

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