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Preparing the units for Altar of Freedom

I weighed all of the little strips of models I had for my ACW armies. A fraction over 2Kg of 6mm scale metal that required very little cleanup.

The strips were sorted into which side and then into type. Each was given a light undercoat of white Primer spray.

After that I took a dozen brigades worth of Union infantry, and a few supporting units – enough for the First Bull run scenario in the ‘Altar of Freedom‘ supplement for the Eastern theatre – and then tacked them to lollipop sticks for painting.

The next job is painting (followed by the Confederate force!)



Update: Flames of War plastic tanks – undercoating

A basecoat was applied to all the tanks I had left to do. Vallejo Dead Flesh for the German tanks (dark grey for the older model one I had kicking around). Brit Stuart tanks should have been Vallejo Cayman green but that bottle was all but used up so  I settled for the same colour used on my old US tanks, Vallejo yellow olive (it’s a bit darker than it should be for me, but I will see what I can do with it). Not much progress but tanks come on quickly once the basecoat is done! I hope…. Edit: new bottle of Cayman  green paint found in spare tub – nice.



Model WW1 British Trench for School project.

My eldest son needed to make a World War Trench for a school History project. Needless to say I got roped in to help!

trench (2)

Manchester Art Gallery – February 2015 – Link

I bought a piece of insulating foam from the local DIY store and used a sharp knife then some crack filler to cover it with. The trench was painted with a cheap dark emulsion paint.

I ordered some metal 28mm figures to add some detail (men in forward positions, injured, machine gun and gave them a fairly basic paint job.

My laddo cut out the corrugated card to add to the floor and walls and made a pile of sandbags from modelling clay. He glued on the bags and painted them and then added the detail to the little company HQ in one corner of the model.

The fake barbed wire was curled and added to the stakes he cut from BBQ skewers. The whole model was given a wash with dark brown ink and some finishing up was done.

The model soldiers were hot glued in place as the unit had to be carried about.

It looks fine for a display model for a school project and gets the point home about the layered trench system – front-line then support leading off to a reserve trench (not shown).

Here are some pictures for posterity…

The soldiers…



Update: Altar of Freedom Fatigue Markers – building

Here are my attempts at turning the little Baccus 6mm scale casualty markers into Fatigue tokens for the “Altar of Freedom” game using some 15mm mdf counters. Painting next!

It took about two hours to get these from the metal rectangles to being ready to paint. Each little marker needed about 6 goes of the tin snips to round off the edges before being able to super-glue it to the round base. Fine sand was PVA glued around the edge of the token to help disguise the metal base.

Sagatapestry unit painting competition for 2015

Here’s my latest post on the… LINK

Why not get a unit painted for Saga, post it on the WWPD Saga forum and try and win a prize from Gripping Beast?