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ACW: Altar of War – making terrain – woods and fields – part 1

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I made a start on the terrain after receiving an order of Woodland Scenics ‘bushes’ clump foliage (in light, medium and dark green). Parts FC1645  FC1646 FC1647.

I used a pack of 5 A4 black foamcard sheets (5mm thickness) to create a canopy for the woodland. PVA glue was generously applied to the foamcard and the bushes mixed up (in a 1:1:1 ratio of colours). The bushes were pressed onto the sheets and left 24 hours to dry.

I now need to go back and hot glue on more of the WC bushes to the bare parts of the board where the glue didn’t do its job.

I have 13 of these woods from the 5 sheets of A4 card. Next, I need to put some supports under the woods to raise them off the table. Units can then be pushed under the edges of the woods without removing them completely. See the link to the AoW website…. link.

Next, I cut up a 500mm x 500mm sandy coloured floor carpet tile into a number of rectangles. I used the same WS bushes and a hot glue gun to apply the bushes to the edges of the carpet tiles. Bingo, you have a quick field of wheat.

I have another darker carpet tile to use as well.


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  1. hoytdaniel1 says:

    I love it. I wonder how it would work with 28mm?

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