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Red Dawn 2- building the Martians for “All Quiet on the Martian Front”

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I decided to build six of the Assault Tripods for the Martian force (then go on to build some US tanks to play against them) in a phased approach.

Here are some of the things I tried to do….

1) I am not keen on the Green Gas throwing model – I converted two Black Dust Launchers and two “Gas Bomb” holders into two “powered” launchers – one for each arm of the Tripod.

2) I converted an Assault Tripod and two Black Dust Launchers into a plastic “Grenadier Tripod”. I just used three of the “variable” legs from three of the Tripod sprues to make short legs (by not adding in the middle section). Then missed out the rectangular body piece and added the newly converted “rocket launcher” doohickeys.

3) I made three classic Heat Ray Tripods and then one traditional Black Dust Launcher.

4) I now have some spare parts especially leg sections so I may try to make one of the taller Tripod models (some plasticard is on its way).

5) Some of the plasticard can be used to make armour plates (I hope) to make a Veteran Tripod model.

I undercoated the plastic with white spray Primer, then Silver paint from Vallejo Game Color. A 50/50 black ink wash was used to give some texture and solidity to the model. Next will be a little paint to give a three colour effect (Keep it Simple!)

Basing – I have some various “red” accessories to try out and look forward to giving a real Martian feel to the Tripod bases!


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