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Red Dawn – getting into “All Quiet on the Martian Front” – box opening

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Having failed to be engaged completely by the “Star Wars Armada” game, I decided to take advantage of an offer from Wayland Games for what worked out to be 25% off and free postage for “AQMF” All Quiet on the Martian Front.

I bought three of the Starter sets as they represent very good value – a total of 9 Martian Assault Tripods, 18 US Steam Tanks, 9 Rough Riders and 9 HMG teams, plus mini rule books, plastic tokens and templates.

Here are some pics of what came out of the box…. the game turns out to be something like and 18 or 19 mm scale game, closer to HO/OO model railway than 15mm, and therefore another scale to add to the list of those I have become acquainted with.

The plastic used for the sprues is a slightly softer than usual light grey and seems easy to work with. Cutting a few pieces off to try some builds with showed that cleanup was pretty fast and easy. The only pieces that seemed in any way brittle were the fine tendrils for the front of the Assault Tripods. As long as you clip or cut them carefully off the sprue there should be no problems. The sprues have a number of pieces that look useful for conversion work as each sprue allows more than one “build type” of Tripod or Tank. Nice indeed.

My only disappointments were:

1) The cut down 48 page mini rulebook. The A5 size rulebook is in black and white so you will need to go to the internet to find some colour pictures of Tripods if you don’t want to buy the full rulebook. There is a piece of folded black and white printed paper that gives some build instructions and a starter scenario. Other than that you need to buy the full rulebook and download the various PDF’s that have been added to the game in the last year or so.

2) Only three bases with each set of 30 infantry, not 6 as per the illustration on the back of the box (in each of the boxes). I emailed support at ‘aliendungeon’ but haven’t yet had a response…. 😦




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