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Update: Flames of War plastic tanks – undercoating

A basecoat was applied to all the tanks I had left to do. Vallejo Dead Flesh for the German tanks (dark grey for the older model one I had kicking around). Brit Stuart tanks should have been Vallejo Cayman green but that bottle was all but used up so  I settled for the same colour used on my old US tanks, Vallejo yellow olive (it’s a bit darker than it should be for me, but I will see what I can do with it). Not much progress but tanks come on quickly once the basecoat is done! I hope…. Edit: new bottle of Cayman  green paint found in spare tub – nice.




Flames of War – an update

I wanted to post an update on where I am at with Flames of War. Over the course of 2014 my interest in FoW has waned a bit, but I wasn’t sure why. I have now sold off my HG Germans and all but one unit of my US 3rd ID.

There is still my painted British tank based army (with decals!) I am keeping that one. I still have a reasonable amount of plastic (mainly from the Open Fire box set) and want to put together a German force. In fact I have two ideas… A StuG Batterie and a Grenadier list, based around some of the same platoons. I may even venture in Panzer IV’s !

With renewed energy, the new year will see these Axis forces come into being!

I have some more painting now to get these ready to meet the Brit tanks! The infantry can wait a bit longer.








Flames of War AAR: LW 1500 points British Trained Tanks v German Infantry

It has been a while since I last played Flames of War –

Local gamer Andy agreed to play on Friday and we chose Late War 1500 points.



(11 armoured, Normandy, Confident Trained)

3 x HQ Sherman V (making a 2iC platoon with two tanks)

3 x Combat Platoon (3 x Sherman V, 1 x Firefly w. AT14 gun)

2 x Rifle platoon (cmd rifle/mg, 6 x rifle/mg, piat, mortar)

1 x Heavy Mortar (4 bases) plus observer

1 x recon (3 x Universal carriers)

(8 platoons) – Attacking



(KG Arnhem from Bridge by Bridge, Fearless Veteran)


2 x Panzerfaust SMG, 2 x Panzerschreck (135 points)

Combat Platoon:

SS-Panzergrenadier platoon – 1 x cmd SMG Panzerfaust, 6 x Panzerfaust MG (290 points)

Pioneer Platoon (CV) – cmd Panzerfaust SMG, 9 x Pioneer rifle (245 points)


SS Heavy platoon – cmd SMG, 2 x HMG, 2 x 8cm mortars, observer (145 points)


Hummel Tigers (CT) x 3 (435 points)

Light Panzerspah patrol (3 x kfz 222) (120 points)

SS AT guns – cmd SMG, 2 x PAK 40 (120 points)



Breakthrough (2.5 hours) – defender wins if out of time, attacker has to seize an objective on or after turn 6.



AAR (2)


AAR (4)

Defender choose the two quarters to defend from. I choose to run from the river end to the opposite quarter. I have to get some tanks across the river (slow and bog test except at the ford).


Turn 1:

Brits go first and move forward – tanks to the left, straight on and mainly to the right to cross the river.

AAR (5)

British Mortars try to pin the Axis infantry in the middle of the table.

AAR (7)

Axis Tigers move up toward the big red building on the left of the British position.

The left most platoon of tanks hides to the left of the wood, with the red building in front of them.

AAR (6)

Tanks pile over the river, recon gets to a good distance on the right flank to use eyes and ears next turn…

The platoon in the river bogs a tank.


Turn 2:

AAR (9)

The right flank sees the Sherman’s go for the Axis Pioneers platoon.

AAR (11)

Allied Recon carriers use Eyes and Ears to remove Gone to Ground on the Axis Pioneers.

The 2ic platoon moves up behind cover of the buildings in the centre.

The left most platoon moves up to the red building, keeping the firefly back to deal with any peeping Tigers!

AAR (13)

The Allied 1ic has bogged down on the River somewhere.

The Tigers move back to cover the middle.

AAR (21)


Turn 3:

The ‘river’ tank platoon makes it but the bogged tank stays fast on the river bank.

the 2ic platoon help the right most tanks to attack the pioneers.

AAR (12)

The Axis pioneers are shot and assaulted and whittled down….

AAR (14)

The left most platoon move to the other end of the red building – the Tigers have moved back toward the objectives.

AAR (15)

The Tigers moved to get a bead on the bogged Sherman.

Sadly, the Allied 1ic tank is bogged just a few inches. The Tigers get 2 hits, force the 1ic to join the other tank and so get 1 shot a piece. Boom for both.

AAR (19)


Turn 4:

British infantry arrive from reserve. The Axis have already moved their MG/HMG teams up to cover the entry area.

AAR (23)

Axis still command the centre of the board.

AAR (27)

British tanks move up the far right, avoiding the Tiger way back in the wheat field.

In the centre, a few Axis Grenadiers are removed along the way.

The Axis observer is taken down as a mortar round lands on his head.

AAR (29)

The other British tanks on the left were going to make the long haul, but time is running out and they think what to do.

AAR (30)

The two Tigers move up to the village and command the road. The Allied advance on the road and tight is stalled. two platoons can’t move that way!

AAR (33)


Turn 5:

The second British infantry platoon arrives. The first platoon has been damaged by Axis fire in turn 4.

AAR (34)


Turn 6:

The Allied tanks on the far right shoot the lone Axis team – I think this killed off the  pioneer platoon.

AAR (36)

The Allied 2ic “goes for broke” and shoots/assaults the Axis 1 and 2 ic in the centre. They do 7 hits and kill the 1iC – the Axis 2iC escapes.

In return, a ‘faust or two take down the 2ic tank platoon….

AAR (37)

Giving an either/or to the PAK40’s…. they can shoot the big tank platoon or turn and shoot the 2ic platoon…. they stay and wait…. the allied tanks kill the PAK40 command team.

AAR (38)


Turn 7:

The Allied tanks on the left turn and “go for it”. They move and shoot 4 shots at the back ends of the Tigers. They kill one and bail one!

AAR (40)

Flaming Tiger…. a high point for the allies….

AAR (41)

The Allied infantry assault the defenders on the objective and take it. I think this may have been the end of the Axis heavies – 2 platoons down now.

AAR (43)

Axis shooting kills more British rifles – bad 222’s!

AAR (45)

The Tiger un-bails…

AAR (46)

The last three Axis infantry near the objectives assault the British infantry. They destroy the British platoon and take the objective back. The Axis Recon help their infantry.

AAR (47)

The Allies have now lost 3 platoons I think (infantry and two tanks).  The Axis have lost two platoons and a fair whack of the Grenadiers. But their 2ic survived(!)


Turn 8:

At this point we had reached time. The Allies narrowly failed to keep the objective. The remaining infantry platoon could not un-pin so the game ended there, with the Axis Tigers, PAK40’s, recon cars and a few infantry teams left to win the game, 4-3 to Axis, well done Andy.



The Mortars did do some damage but the Axis made just about every unpin test as I recall. The combination of mortar and tank shoot/assault killed off a couple of Axis infantry platoons, but in the end the Tigers did for the Sherman tanks and the attack ground to a halt.

It was an enjoyable game and it was fun to be attacking for a change. Deciding a strategy is always hard for me. I should really have pushed hard on one flank, but dealing with those Tigers and AT guns with just 4 Firefly tanks in the army seems hard to me regardless of how I came in!




Flames of War – painted up Axis and British units

I finally got some British and Axis 15mm Flames of War units finished. There was a bit of a block there for a while. I usually need the pressure of a deadline to really motivate me sometimes – a game on Friday did that.

All models were:

Battlefront resin/metal/plastic 15mm FoW models.

Undercoated with Halfords white spray Primer.

Painted with Vallejo Game Color acrylic paints.

Coated with Army Painter quickshade ‘dip’ (painted on) – black for Axis and light brown for British

Sealed and matted with Army Painter matt spray.





British tanks with decals added (I used Dom’s Decals)… (I wish I had cut around the decals more finely – even with a sealant of matt varnish you can still see the square of the decal transfer around the blue triangular tacsign decals on the sides of the Sherman tank turrets. You live and learn. It took a good couple of hours to get the decals on so I am not going to try to redo them now!

New teams for Flames of War – US and Axis

I got a chance to work on some new German and US teams for Flames of War. I am gradually getting rid of my FoW painting queue (well for WW2 anyway!) These are “works in progress” for the Germans…

The US have a revamped 37mm gun (I repositioned the gun as the barrel is flimsy, I like my gun barrels to sit within the area of the plastic base!). I also added the last of the spare bazookas.

The Axis have two new 8-rad scout cars (heavy recon) and two new 2cm AA guns (Fallschirmjager variety).



15mm MDF Wargames Tournaments Cafe Gondree kit

Here’s the part assembled Cafe Gondree kit from Wargames Tournaments as part of the “Pegasus Bridge” scene…. There’s a lot of window shutters to add yet! Here’s the last post I made on their ruined farm building… link.

The kit was straightforward to pop out and hot glue together. The company recommend to superglue the kit not PVA it, I just went for speed! The shutters will be a pain. There was an instruction sheet, but you really don’t need it, just remember to dry fit the pieces first!

Each floor of each ‘segment’ of the building holds 3 medium Flames of War teams – just so that’s 12 bases max – not bad. You may have to put the edge of one base over the other by a mm or two to fit the three in each part though. The kit does come in other scales such as 20mm and 28mm.

The assembled kit is pretty strong and should paint up well.  Here is the real deal for inspiration… link.


Review: Wargames Tournaments 15mm MDF ruined farm

Here’s a kit I picked up on eBay UK a couple of weeks back to give it a try. About 5 pounds and free postage cost in this case.  It was made by Wargames Tournaments.

The kit is pretty small, with no instructions but is a doddle to put together. The parts slot together to help with placement and add a bit of strength. You will need to use a glue (they suggest superglue not PVA) or a hot glue gun.

I decided to remove some of the window coverings and make some holes in the walls (the windows have nicely grained shutters in them but they are not ‘punch out’ friendly having not been cut through completely with the laser cutter). I also used some of the leftover frame to make extra walls and a second floor for inside the house.

I went with PVA anyway and left it to dry. You need to glue the central section where the four pieces join to add some strength.

The kit was quick to build and has some detail. I decided to make it fit an Italy theme so added some “hard as nails” strong filler-glue to the walls, just leaving the brickwork exposed.

Once dry I added some sand to the floor with PVA and then spray undercoated white.

A brown ink wash was used on the model to give it some depth and character.

Finally some static grass was PVS glued on to the floor to make the place look abandoned and to connect the base to the table covering.

Next time I will make the base darker then add the static grass, as it was I had to add some more wash to the base to darken it after the grass was put in place. It looks a bit meh to me.

Here are some pictures of the item and the building and painting…..


I quite liked the kit and so ordered some more. I now have a 15mm scale Pegasus bridge, Cafe Gondree and another ruined farmhouse to build!