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ACW: Altar of War – first batch of Confederates

I finished the first batch of ACW Confederates. Flags and all. I even used one stand of unpainted cavalry and turned it into a Union brigade with the brimmed hat as an alternative to the kepi.

So far: Confederates have: 3 x HQ, 3 x General, 12 x Infantry brigades, 2 x Cavalry brigades, 4 Artillery brigades.


ACW : Altar of War – Starting the Confederates

Here is my progress so far on the Confederate forces for Altar of Freedom. These are 6mm Baccus models (link).

4 Generals and 4 HQ, 4 Artillery brigades, 12 infantry brigades, 1 cavalry brigade. I have another 5 infantry brigades, 2 cavalry and 2 artillery part-done.

All I need to do now is paint the weapons, edge the bases and add some static grass and talus.

Then I can play “Bull Run” (!) against my Federal forces (link).

Altar of Freedom – more units for Union

I decided to quickly bump the number of infantry brigades to 18 by making six more bases.

This time I just glued the strips of line infantry and skirmishers to the base with the “hard as nails” glue gun. This stuff sets pretty quickly and keeps the metal bases firmly in place.

I also decided to change the talus on the base to something lighter in colour and less uniform in size.

acw (7) acw (8) acw (9)

Baccus 6mm ACW arrival

Yes, I have dived into the World of American Civil War – and in another scale… 6mm.

Over the Christmas break I took a look at some new game rules and liked the look of “Altar of War”. I downloaded the rules then the Eastern battles supplement.

You can see the site here.

Example from a game using “Altar of Freedom” rules.


I put an order into Baccus and 4 days later my box of figures arrived…

The figures look crisp and clean and with plenty of detail. I am really looking forward or getting these mounted on their 60x30mm or 30x30mm bases and painted up.

It is a brigade level game allowing you fight all the battles of the American Civil War on a maximum of 6×4 foot tabletop.

I ordered enough for a small to medium game to get to grips with the rules.

Here are some pictures of what turned up. Battle packs of infantry (20 brigades for each side with 28 figures on each 30x60mm base), enough cavalry and HQ units for all size games and 8 artillery units for each side (about half the amount needed for the biggest games). Plus the thin laser cut bases and some packs of flags for the banner poles. At 6mm it is going to be the colour schemes, hats and flags that identify units!