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10mm DBA2.2 – Alan Army – bought and based

While tidying up boxes of stuff recently I came across my 10mm figures for DBA. I had started to post about them way back in the Summer of 2012 (see this link) then found “Saga” and the rest is history.

One DBA army I have wanted to do in 10mm are the Alan’s. They are the (only?) force in the DBA rules v2.2 that can field 12 elements of Light Horse (should you ever want to). I have bought 10mm  minis from Pendraken, Irregular and Magistermilitum. I still have some Pendraken and a few Irregular minis to use, so I went back to Pendraken’s website and bought a couple of Dacian General figures and a couple of Dacian cavalry (Light and Knights).

There were enough figures in the cavalry packs, plus the commanders to give the following DBA elements (with a few spare Knights that can’t be used in this list) : 1 x command Light Horse, 7 x Light Horse, 1 x command Knights, 3 x Knights.

I also added in two bases of “blades” by using some recycled gallic or celt warriors and a base of Psiloi archers. These figures are not really “Dacian” but there is no way I am going to buy a couple more packs to get eight blade figures and two Psiloi figures (!)

This gives me the ability to field a range of options such as 4 Knights (inc. command), 7 Light Horse and one Blade or Psiloi (camp guards maybe).

The bases were old Irregular metal bases I have had since 2006 when I paid a visit to the old Irregular workshop in York. I used superglue to fix the figures on after cleaning up the figures and scuffing the bases with a sharp blade. Once dry, I used a resinous cartridge glue (“hard as nails” type in the UK) to texture the bases around the figures. This dries in about 2 hours or so.

The cost of these two packs and two commanders (and postage) means this little DBA army came to about 15 pounds with the extra figures and bases.

I got the figures up to “undercoated stage”….


DBA – Building a Campaign force – Part 1 – starting up

I thought it was about time I had brief rest from Flames of War and scenery and tried something else. I have had a number of 10mm ancient figures laying around for a while in various boxes along with metal bases cut for the DBA rules set. Here’s the background on DBA from wiki… De Bellis Antiquitatis

Using the DBA v2.2 rulebook/army list from January 2004 I set about a little project. To try and create 6 armies from the stock of figures I had with as few new purchses as possible to be able to use them with the campaign rules in the rulebook.

The models I had seem to fit best into one of the following campaigns:

1st Punic Wars 264BC, 2nd Punic Wars 218BC.

The main reasons for this being that I have Carthaginians, Polybian Romans and Gauls already. The other forces would probably make use of left overs or a few cheaper options for the game which I will go into later.

If you don’t have a copy of the rules (with all the army lists in it) it is one of the cheapest purchases you can make to get a well rounded and fast playing game. My set cost 6 pounds several years ago. As the figures are in 10mm, the costs of building an army are not massive. However, the most popuar scales seem to be 15mm and 25/28mm, so go with the flow!

Each army needs to field 12 elements (teams/bases).  Some armies only have 12 with no choice, others have more and can field option from within these.

For example the Later Carthaginian army can make use of a varied force including Cavalry, Light Horse, Spears, Auxiliaries, Warbands, Psiloi (skirmishers) and Elephants. A total of 17 Elements from which 12 must be drawn for battle.

Conversely, the Polybian Romans can only field 12 elements including Cavalry, Blades, Spears and Psiloi.

The other armies that I could use in the Punic Wars campaigns are: Syracuse, Siciliot, Libya, Spain and Italy.

Here’s an example of the kind of figures you can use:

Suppliers In the UK I have used are:

Pendraken (tend to be sold in packs)

Irregular Miniatures (you can get individual figures)

Magister Militum (sold in packs or pieces for vignettes)

I have found service from all of the above to be good. Ian at Irregular has been helpful in choosing miniatures in the past – you can just bob him an email and he will advise on prices and such – he really is a friendly guy whom I met on a vist to York several years back).

Next time: building the Polybian Roman army….